Site Safety Precautions During Construction

Site Safety Precautions During Construction/Renovation

Taken from NFPA 1 Chapter 16, NFPA 241, and Windsor Ordinances Chapter 3 Article II


  • It will be the responsibility of the general contractor to have a person designated as a fire safety officer. See NFPA 1 §§, Responsibilities will cover at a minimum:
    • Fire extinguisher placement and inspections to verify they are properly tagged and ready for use
    • Verify enough people are trained in their use
    • Come up with an evacuation plan, meeting area and a means to account for all workers
    • Enforce no smoking rules. No smoking inside or adjacent to the building. Provide designated smoking areas with proper means to extinguish smoking materials.
    • Verify trash is properly removed daily (or more if required) and disposed of properly See 16.2.2
    • Enforce all hot work requirements and that all safety precautions are taken regardless of the operation i.e. soldering
    • Verify all fire separations are maintained See 16.4.2
    • Exit paths are maintained, For stairs see
  • A written plan to report fires and other emergencies shall be provided
  • Any hot work will require a fire watch equipped with a fire extinguisher during and a minimum of 45 minutes after the work is complete.
  • All cords shall be properly listed, free of defects, and of the proper size for the intended use.
  • All electrical tools, cords shall be properly listed and free of defects.
  • No flammable/combustible liquid transfer should be allowed in or near the building or combustible storage.
  • All hydrants shall be in service free of obstructions. Per Ord. §3-21 water supply must be provided within 500 ft of any structure during construction
  • All site access shall be maintained for the Fire Department. Per Ord. § 3-23 Access for emergency vehicles must be provided within 50 ft of any structure during construction.
  • Propane storage shall be discussed with the FMO prior to any site delivery. Single tank storage is recommended. Storage should be away from the building and traffic areas.
  • Temporary heating and tenting shall be discussed with the FMO and Building Department prior to its use.
  • Existing fire protection systems must remain in service as long as practicable in building areas under construction and must be restored as quickly as possible when removed for service for alteration.  Fire protection in occupied portions of buildings under renovation must be kept in service at all times. See 16.4.4
  • Temporary trailers must be properly permitted and secured.


Any compliance questions or concerns please contact the Fire Marshal’s Office at 860-285-1970









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