Town Budget - FY2008

Fiscal Year 2008 Budget in Brief

The town of Windsor is in a fortunate budgetary position for fiscal year 2008. The govenor's proposed increases in school funding and dividens from our economic development efforts are expected to lessn the burden of the towns fixed cost increases. Without these two factors, the town would have had less ability to maintain services at their current level without having increased taxes.


In an effort to maintain the high quality services Windsor residents have come to expect, town staff reviewed all programs and services for ways to contain costs, reduce spending and improve efficiency. In addition, staff was challenged to redirect resources toward achieving the Town Council and board of Education goals. The FY 2008 proposed budget is a result of those efforts. It is a responsible financial plan that allows for the continuation of current services, some restorations and very few enhancements.


This budget results in a zero percent increase to the tax rate.


The budget in Brief document provides a broad overview of the proposed FY 2008 budget. See inside to learn more about where our money comes from and where it goes.