Mill Brook Open Space Acquisition

millbrook open space acquisition

Mill Brook Open Space Purchase

For several years the town has been looking at ways to preserve the former Mill Brook & Traditions golf course property on Pigeon Hill Road.


Through a collaboration with the Trust for Public Land, a national not-for-profit organization, the town is now in a position to protect 95 acres of land for passive recreation, wildlife habitat, community character along with water quality & storm water protection purposes.


The town has been awarded a $1,086,000 grant from the State of Connecticut to help preserve this open space parcel. The grant represents 52% of the purchase price. This grant program is supported through fees paid on real estate transactions across the state.


The Town Council has set a Special Town Meeting to act on the proposed acquisition per the Town Charter.

Funding Sources

The purchase price of $2.1M is in line with the professional appraisal prepared for the town and the Trust for Public Land. The sale price plus associated closing and survey costs is proposed to be funded from the following combination of sources:


$1,086,000State Open Space and Watershed Protection Grant
675,000 Town’s Open Space Fund
375,000General Fund Unassigned Fund Balance

Next Steps

  • Public Information Meeting at 7:00 pm on March 12th at Town Hall.
  • Special Town Meeting at 7:00 pm on Monday, March 19th
    (vote on approving the purchase)


Any person registered to vote in Windsor or that owns property in Windsor (including a motor vehicle registered in town) may attend and vote at the March 19th Special Town Meeting.


If approved, it is anticipated the acquisition would happen in late Spring.


Future Planning

If the purchase is approved, it is recommended that a planning process be undertaken this year with the assistance of a citizen advisory committee to create an overall multi-year land management plan.


We envision that the majority of the land will be a combination of meadows and managed wooded areas. A trail network would be redeveloped along with a multi-year approach to stabilize and restore portions of the Mill Brook.


Plan elements would include such items as:


  • Overall mission and land management principals
  • Layout of walking trails and public access points
  • Options for clubhouse building (short and long term)
  • Options for the single-family house on Mack Street
  • Stabilization and restoration of the streambed & bridge crossings
  • Annual maintenance costs and capital related expenditures