School Resource Officer

Windsor High School- 2015-2016


   This year's School Resource Officer is Windsor Police Officer Joshua Amaro#115.


School Resource Supervisor Sgt. C. McKee#315 and Officer Amaro with the  WHS Warrior Cruiser.









On Thursday October 20, 2011, Officer Kari Tkacz of the Windsor Police Department, the School Resource Officer assigned to Windsor High School, received recognition from the Capital Area Substance Abuse Council (CASAC) at CASAC’s annual 21st meeting held at the Arts Exclusive Gallery in Simsbury, CT.

CASAC is a strategic catalyst tasked with collaborating with communities to reduce substance abuse and other risky behaviors through advocating for education, prevention, healthy decision making, and high impact programming in sixteen (16) towns of the Capitol Region.

Officer Tkacz received the 2011 CASAC Achievement Award for the Town of Windsor in recognition of her commitment and effort to prevent substance abuse among the youth in Windsor. In addition to the expected police role of completing thorough investigations of youth related offenses, often leading to referral of youth to the Town Juvenile Review Board or Juvenile Court, Officer Tkacz also spent countless hours attempting to influence Windsor’s youth at the Windsor High School, in the Town of Windsor Recreation and Youth Services programs, and in the Windsor Board of Education alternative education programs, towards positive decision making and a positive drug free lifestyle. During the past year, Officer Tkacz could be found mediating disputes among agitated youth, presenting classes on drug awareness, discussing date rape drugs and related teen dating sexual assault topics with students, taking any possible step to reduce and prevent violence, and otherwise mentoring the youth of Windsor towards a healthy positive safe drug free lifestyle, free from violence and risky behaviors.

During the past year, Officer Tkacz served  (and continues to serve) as the primary police influence of the “Maroon-Blue Crew”, a program developed by the Windsor Police Department and Town of Windsor Youth Services Bureau (YSB).  The “Maroon-Blue Crew”, referring to the color Maroon representing Windsor’s school teams, and the color Blue traditionally used to represent police officers, was designed to improve communications and relationships between police officers and youth in the community of Windsor. The Maroon Blue Crew’s motto is that of “Youth and Police Together” and the members of this initiative share a value of the 4 P’s: “Protecting, Preserving, Promoting, and Playing in the Community of Windsor”.

For more information on the Maroon-Blue Crew upcoming recreational activities, spirit days, dances, talent shows and/or to sign up for an enrichment workshop, please feel free to contact YSB at (860) 285-1990 or Officer Kari Tkacz, Windsor High School Resource Officer at (860) 687-2020 Ext 118.