Frequently Asked Questions

Are there some streets that the town is not responsible for plowing?

The State Department of Transportation plows the major highways such as I-91, I-291, and the Bradley Airport Connector (State Route 20); as well as other State Roads, such as Broad Street, Windsor Avenue and Palisado Avenue (State Route 159), Bloomfield Avenue (State Route 305), Park Avenue (State Route 178), and Poquonock Avenue (State Route 75). Questions or concerns regarding the plowing of snow and ice from these roads should be addressed to the DOT by calling 860-688-4848.

During the snowstorm last year, my car was towed from the street - why?

Between the 15th of November and April 15th of each winter, vehicles cannot be parked on the streets of the town from 1:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. In addition, no parking is allowed at other times whenever a snow or ice storm has been in progress for at least one hour. Vehicles parked on the street during these times or periods can be towed so that they do not impede snow plowing operations and the free flow of traffic. Please make full use of your driveway and/or garage, if your have one, during the night hours of the colder months and during snowstorms. The plow drivers and your neighbors will appreciate keeping the street open for plowing.

How long can I leave flowers at Veterans' Cemetery?

Fresh flowers can be placed on graves at any time but will be removed once they become unsightly.

I have a dead tree in my yard that I would like removed. Will the town cut it down for me?

Town employees are not authorized to work on private property.  It is the homeowner's responsibility to have it removed.  The town may be able to give a list of possible contractors who do that type of work but can not recommend anyone specific.

I have a town tree in front of my house that is dropping branches onto the sidewalk and would like the tree cut down. Can the town take care of this?

Someone from the town must first confirm that the tree is actually in the town right-of way.  If that is the case and the tree is diseased or dead, the town will arrange to have the tree removed as soon as possible and should contact the Public Works Department at 285-1855 or email   If the tree is determined to be on private property, it is the homeowner's responsibility to have the tree removed.  Town employees are not authorized to work on private property.

I have water in my basement. Who do I call for help?

Water in the basement could be an indication of a blocked cellar drain.  A private contractor, such as Roto-Rooter, should first check and clean the drain, if necessary.  If the problem still persists, contact Public Works at 285-1855, who will check to see if there is blockage in the street.

I live on Palisado Avenue and my mailbox was damaged by the snowplow How do I get it fixed?

Since Palisado Avenue (Rt. 159) is a state-owned and maintained road, contact the Department of Transportation maintenance garage on Bloomfield Avenue with your repair request.  Their number is 860-688-4848.

I plan to do some digging in my yard. Is there anything special I need to do?

If digging in your yard, you need to report this work to Call Before You Dig at 1-800-922-4455 prior to the start of any work.  If a contractor has been hired to do the work, it is the contractor's responsibility to notify Call Before You Dig so the utilities can be identified and marked out to avoid any injuries or interruption in utility service.

I raked my leaves to the curb but they have not been picked up yet. When will that be done?

The town no longer vacuums loose leaves left on the side of the street.  The town does pay a contractor to pick up leaves in brown paper bags or labeled barrels during a set period of time in the fall.  Details can be obtained by calling the landfill at 285-1833.

I take time to shovel my sidewalk, yet my neighbor leaves his in an unsafe condition. Can something be done?

Property owners are responsible for removing snow and ice from the sidewalk(s) abutting their home or business. Town ordinance does require snow to be removed within 12 hours after the storm. Sidewalks should be cleared to the pavement (to help the sun melt residual snow). If the sidewalk becomes ice-packed, sand or other suitable material needs to be placed on the walk to make it safe. Doing your part helps keep these pedestrian routes safe for your family, friends and neighbors. Also, if there is a fire hydrant in front of your property, do yourself a favor and help out the volunteer firefighters by removing snow from around the hydrant.

I would like to reserve an area of the park for a family outing. What do I need to do?

Arrangements for use of town parks can be made by contacting the Recreation Department at 285-1990 or by emailing them at

I've sometimes seen town trucks driving along with the snowplows up when it is snowing. Why?

There are a couple of reasons plows aren’t always pushing snow. Trucks may be spreading traction materials, or may be out of materials to spread and headed back to Public Works for a refill. Be assured that once it snows, Public Works crews will work until the roads are in good shape.

If I have a question or request for service, whom do I call, especially at nights and weekends?

The number for snow and ice removal at the Windsor Public Works is 860-285-1855. At nights and on the weekends, the call may be received by the voicemail system because the supervisor may be out checking the streets. If you require immediate assistance in these instances, please contact the Police Department at 860-688-5273. They will contact the supervisor, who will attend to the situation.

Is my house connected to sewers?

Sanitary sewers are maintained by The Metropolitan District Commission in Hartford.  The Health Department will have a record of sewer connection; however, any specific questions relating to hookup, or problems with sanitary sewers should be directed to The Metropolitan District Commission at 278-7850.

My mailbox was knocked down by the snowplow. Will the town replace it?

The mailbox is usually the homeowner's responsibility, however, if damage to the mailbox is caused by the Public Works snowplow, the town will replace the mailbox with a similar mailbox. If the mailbox post is also damaged, and it was in good condition prior to the accident, town will repair or replace the post. We apologize for any disruption in mail service resulting from the damage. Please call Public Works at 860-285-1855 and an inspector will visit you immediately following the storm.

My neighbor blows the snow from his property into the street. It typically happens after the town has already plowed the street. Is this allowed?

Whether you hire a snow plowing service or do it yourself, please remember that town ordinances prohibit the blowing, shoveling or plowing of snow back onto the street. Putting snow into the street, especially after the street has previously been plowed, adversely affects the safety of the drivers who use your street, and wastes your tax dollars.

My street sign is missing. How can I get it replaced?

Most missing street signs are the result of being stolen or damaged as a result of an accident.  Please report the missing sign to Public Works as soon as it is noticed.  Arrangements will be made to replace the sign as soon as possible.  Keep in mind that this work is contracted out, so it could take up to a month to receive and install the replacement.

Plantings on the corner lot of my street are blocking the view of oncoming traffic when trying to turn left out of my street. Can these plantings be removed?

Contact Public Works at 285-1855 and staff will then assess the problem.  If the plantings were installed by the property owner, they will be contacted regarding any necessary removal or trimming. 

The road in front of my driveway fills with water and causes an icing problem in the winter. What can be done to fix the problem?

Contact Public Works at 285-1855 and someone will look at the problem to determine what needs to be done to correct the situation and schedule any necessary work.

The road in front of my house is flooded and the drain in the street appears to be clogged. Who should I contact to have this problem corrected?

Problems with street drainage on town roads should be reported to Public Works at 285-1855.  Someone will assess the problem and determine what needs to be done to solve the problem, whether it be a cleaning or repair work.

The sidewalk in front of my house is uneven and falling apart. It fills with water and freezes in the winter. Is the homeowner responsible for repair?

Windsor has a sidewalk repair and replacement program.  Contact the Engineering Department at 285-1861 to report any problems.  An inspector will review the problem and schedule any necessary repair work with a contractor.

The street light in front of my house has been out for quite awhile. When will it be fixed?

Most street lights in Windsor are owned and maintained by the Eversource Company.  However, the Town of Windsor does own and maintain decorative metal street lights in some subdivisions as well as the lights on Day Hill Road.  If there is a problem with a light, you can contact Public Works at 860-285-1855 and we will either report the problem to Eversource, if it is their light, or arrange to have the light repaired by a contractor, if it is a town light.  You may check the listing of Town owned lights and if you do not find your street listed, you may contact Eversource yourself to report the problem if so choose.  The telephone number for Eversource is 860-947-2000.


Click here for a list of town owned street lights.

The town swept my street early this year and it needs to be swept again. Will the town come back for a second sweeping?

If time permits, once the entire town has been swept, a second sweep may be made in some areas that were swept early in the season and/or if weather conditions prohibited the street from being swept adequately.    That work would be at the discretion of the supervisor.  

There is a hole in the street near the storm drain that appears to be fairly deep. How do I go about having it repaired?

Please report any depression or hole in the street or town right-of-way to Public Works.  Someone will check the problem and determine what action is necessary to correct the problem.  A hole near a storm drain can be an indication of a larger drainage problem.

Vehicles are speeding up and down my street. How can they be forced to slow down?

First, contact the Police Department at 688-5273 to report the problem and see if there is anything they can do.  You may also want to contact the town's Legal Traffic Authority, Wayne Radke at 285-1855  for suggestions and assistance. 

What should I do if an emergency occurs and I don't think the rescue or emergency vehicles can get through on the snowy roads?

Call 911 immediately, if the emergency vehicles need help getting to you, they will work with Public Works to get the road cleared. Further, out-of-sequence plowing rarely solves emergencies. Emergency vehicles are equipped to reach an emergency call quicker than a street can be plowed.

When will my street be repaved?

Repaving streets is done in accordance with the town's Capital Improvement Program.  A review of street conditions is done annually and road repair is scheduled based on various criteria and available funding.  Please call 285-1855 for more information.

Where can I pick up sand to spread on my sidewalk to improve traction?

The town has several locations to pick up sand. They are: 1) Sharshon Park (Skitchewaug off Windsor Ave.) parking lot; 2) L.P. Wilson Community Center (599 Matianuck Avenue); 3) Mechanic Street commuter lot (located behind Town Hall and next to the dog pound); 4) Oliver Ellsworth School (Kennedy Road) back parking lot; 5) Poquonock Fire House (1575 Poquonock Avenue) parking lot; 6) Rainbow Firehouse (750 Rainbow Road); and 7) Public Works Facility, 99 Day Hill Road.

Who can tell me what types of flowers / trees are planted in the medians?

Plantings selected for the medians are provided by the Public Works department and are purchased from local and state nurseries.  Call 285-1855 with specific questions.

Who do I contact to have a pothole filled on my street?

If the pothole is on a town road, notify the Windsor Public Works Department by calling 285-1855 or emailing  Potholes on state roads are the responsibility of the Connecticut Department of Transportation who can be reached at 688-4848.  Potholes on private roads or on private property are the responsibility of the property owner.

Who is responsible for planting and maintaining the medians in town?

The Windsor Public Works department plants and maintains several traffic medians in Windsor.  These include the medians along Windsor Avenue, Broad Street, Poquonock Avenue, and the Day Hill Road industrial area.  Some residential cul-de-sac islands, initially planted to comply with the subdivision plan, are difficult to maintain due to the department's lack of resources.  Some neighborhoods have taken on the maintenance of these islands with the town providing the materials.  Windsor is currently looking to establish an Adopt A Spot program with the help of volunteers to keep Windsor beautiful.  If you are interested in the Adopt A Spot program, please contact

Who maintains the athletic fields at the parks and schools throughout town?

Public Works prepares, lines, and maintains all athletic fields for school, league, and club games.

Who maintains Veterans' Cemetery?

The Town of Windsor maintains Veterans' Cemetery.  If you have any questions or comments regarding the maintenance of this site, please call 285-1884.

Who should be contacted if there is a problem with damaged or broken equipment at one of the playgrounds at a park or school?

Report all damaged playground equipment to the Public Works Department for repair or replacement at 285-1855.

Who should I call to report a large bees nest at the playground?

Contact the Public Works Department at 285-1855 or who will then spray and remove (if possible) the bee's nest.  This work will be done as soon as possible, but preferably early in the morning before the bees are out.

Why do snowplows block my driveway with snow when they clear the road?

We are sorry for this inconvenience. While plow crews try to minimize the amount of snow that gets plowed into driveways during the storm, it is the responsibility of the property owner to clear their driveway opening. Also, as long as there is snow in the street, the plow driver will continue to plow the street. Some of this additional snow will end up at the driveway opening. To avoid double work try to shovel snow from your driveway after the plow has been by, and shovel the snow to the right side of your driveway as you face the road instead of into the street.

Why wasn't my trash picked up this week?

The Town of Windsor does not pick up household trash. Contact the company you have contracted with, or Windsor Sanitation, if you live in the Center or Wilson fire district.  They can be reached at 688.3955.

Will the town pick up large household or metal items?

The town does not pick up household or metal items.  Please contact your refuse hauler or the town landfill at 285-1833 regarding disposition of these items.