View Windsor's Code of Ordinances


The Windsor Code of Ordinances is a set of laws recommended by Windsor's Town Council and adopted by the residents of Windsor to govern, manage and organize the conduct of life in Windsor.


Windsor's Code of Ordinances is codified every two years. By codified we mean that all of the ordinances passed during that period, such as 2013 and 2014, are incorporated into the book called the Windsor Code of Ordinances.


All chapters found in this book are arranged in alphabetical order, divided into sections and given a catchphrase header to facilitate usage. The new information is then incorporated into a table of adopted ordinances with their date of approval and is integrated into the Index. To help speed up the searching process, each item is placed under several headings with numerous cross references.


Hard copies of the new ordinances are also available in the Town Clerk's Office.


If you have any questions pertaining to Windsor's Code of Ordinances, please email us at townclerk@townofwindsorct.com