Town Manager's Report - March 6th, 2017

Summer Camp Registration

Just a friendly reminder. Now’s the time to register children for a variety of summer camps and programs offered by the town.  Both the Northwest Park Summer Nature Camp and the Recreation Department’s Summer Fun Camp are accepting registrations for their weekly camp offerings.  Registration is easy and can be completed online by going to the Recreation Department link on the town’s website at

There are summer camp programs offered at the Discovery Center on Palisado Ave at the Milo Peck Center as well. These are for Pre-K through elementary school aged children.


Passport Services offered at Windsor Public Library

In response to a recent customer survey, the main library is now accepting passport applications by appointment. Eight full-time staff members have been trained and passed the written test to provide the service.  


Anyone interested in applying for a new U.S. passport should call the library 860-285-1910 to make an appointment. Cost for a new passport book for age 16 and older is $110 ($80 for under age 16) and a $25 acceptance or processing fee. 


Animal Shelter

Construction bids were opened last week for the construction of the relocated animal shelter at Route 305 and Marshal Phelps Road.   The Public Building Commission (PBC) and staff are reviewing the two apparent low bidders.  Eight bids were received ranging from $620,000 to $830,000.  


It is expected that the PBC will complete their review in the next week or so.  This will allow project authorization and funding to be requested of the Town Council perhaps as early as the next regular council meeting.  This would allow a project start time for this spring.


As you will recall, this project was approved for a State grant to assist the town in relocating the shelter facility from Mechanic Street to facilitate future commuter rail service and transit oriented development in Windsor Center.  The town will be responsible for appropriating the full project amount and will then receive 75% reimbursement from the state for eligible expenses. 


Sewer Line Replacement on Route 305 West of I-91

The Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) is planning to make repairs to the plastic sewer line that runs along Route 305 between I-91 and approximately Addison Road.

Previously the MDC was considering using the traditional open trench construction method but the town was informed last week that they are now planning to utilize a method which lines the existing sewer pipe and significantly minimizes the need for trenching.


This method of work is less costly and causes far less disruption to traffic patterns and neighbors.


No set schedule has been established but work could commence this calendar year.  MDC will be coordinating with the State Department of Transportation and our police department regarding traffic management and control.