A Message from Chief William Lewis

Welcome to the Windsor Volunteer Fire Department. The townwide department carries on the rich traditions of each of its companies whom have provided service to the town for more than 100 years. Our current ranks of over 120 dedicated volunteers respond to emergencies 24 hours a day and seven days a week on their own time to protect the town. The family environment that the fire department provides keeps our oldest volunteers around and draw in our newest members. We would not enjoy the success that we do today without each and every one of them.

We need you! We are always looking for new volunteers to staff our ranks. I highly encourage you stop by on a Monday night at any of the four fire stations and find out how you can help. We provide training free of charge if you do not have any experience or if you have been a firefighter before I would encourage you to share your time and knowledge with us.

You can still help without volunteering. Fire prevention is key to a safe community. Make sure that your house has working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Ensure that your fire hydrant is clear of obstructions and if you see fire apparatus with lights and siren on, remember to yield to the right.

The Chief's Experience

Serving proudly since 1970. Chief Lewis has come up through the Wilson Fire Company ranks as well as the Windsor Fire Department after townwide consolidation. He spent his career serving the State of Connecticut under the Connecticut State Police with responsibilities such as being a resident trooper and working in the State Fire Marshall's Office. Chief Lewis also has experience in fire investigation and acts as a Fire Marshall in an adjoining community.

The Chief's Achievements

Duty Officer Program A program in which senior officers are on duty with a town vehicle overnights to provide better command and control at incidents that take place duringsleeping hours.

Standardization of Equipment. Chief Lewis has started to get all 4 fire companies using the same equipment in an attempt to increase interoperability and decrease training and overall costs.

Length of Service Program. A program which volunteer firefighters can receive a small benefit for providing years of volunary service to the Town of Windsor.

Windsor Volunteer Fire Department - WINDSOR, CT 06095
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