Why Volunteer?

The question really is not, "why volunteer?" it should be, "why not volunteer?". We understand that some people are looking for something to do, are trying to add activities to their resumes for college, trying to get out of the house, want some place to belong, need a new challenge in life, or just want to give back. We are waiting for your application.

Stop hanging around and gain valuable experience that you can take with you anywhere in the country. Some people use their experience to become career firefighters, some use the experience to help get into college, some people are stuck behind a desk all day and want to do something a little more physically challenging.

We are waiting for you to contribute, as the United States has fallen on tougher economic times we need help from everyone. Keeping our town a volunteer department keeps taxes low and you know that the people who are coming to help at a time of need are your neighbors who care about the community they live in.

We provide free training, bunker gear, pagers to our members. There are opportunites for advancement, specialization, and mentoring. Tax abatements and Length of Service Award Programs are available for our dedicated firefighters and you will be reimburse for all the fire calls you respond to.

Talk to a Town of Windsor firefighter and ask them why they do it, most everyone is here for a different reason, but we are all here for the same purpose: to protect the Town of Windsor's residents, visitors, animals and property.

Where else can you cut apart cars, put out raging infernos, rescue people on the river with an airboat, climb 100ft ladders, and feel an intense sense of pride everytime you don your firefighting gear?

Click here to download WVFD APPLICATION. (Required Adobe Acrobat) and join today!

You Can Benefit

There just is not a list that can capture how awesome an experience you can have, the memories you will make, the skills you will learn, the friendships you will gain or the benefits that are available.

  • Free Training
  • Real Experience
  • Tax Incentives
  • Give Back to the Community
  • Challenge Yourself
  • Build Your Resume

Your Achievements

Advancement You will have the opportunities to advance into supervisor and management positions with time and experience. After some years of experience and training you might have what it takes to make the next step.

Specialize There are different areas of the fire department that could use your help. Some become appartatus operators, rescue specialists, fundraising experts or bring skills they already have to the table.

Family and Friends Bring them with you and bond in a new way, enjoy all that the fire department has to offer.

Windsor Volunteer Fire Department - WINDSOR, CT 06095
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