2019-2020 Windsor Bridge Builders Award

Windsor is rich in ethnic, racial and cultural diversity. It’s a town where many people strive to create a climate that celebrates their differences and the similarities of those who live and work in town.

The Human Relations Commission works to foster greater trust, understanding, and solidarity across the full spectrum of Windsor’s racial, ethnic, and religious diversity.  The annual Windsor Bridge Builders Awards highlights community role models in human relations.

The Town of Windsor’s Human Relations Commission is seeking nomination for the Annual 2019-2020 Windsor Bridge-Builders Awards.  Nominees can include students, church members, neighbors or local businesses that have worked toward greater understanding of differences in Windsor. Anyone of any age may fill out an official nomination form for the 2019-2020 Windsor Bridge Builders Awards.  

A panel of judges will review all entries and select this year’s honorees.  A reception will be held in honor of the recipients on Thursday, January 23, 2020 in Windsor Town Hall in the Council Chambers beginning at 6:30 PM

Official nominations forms for the Windsor Bridge Builders Awards are available at the Town Hall, Windsor Public Libraries, and L P. Wilson Community Center, (outside of the Recreation office) as well as on the Town’s Website. 

Please visit the Town’s Web site to retrieve nomination application and updated information on the Bridge Builders Awards at http://www.townofwindsorct.com/ or for more information contact the Community Development Office at (860) 285-1984.

The deadline for submitting nominations is November 1, 2019.