2013 Budget

Budget Documents

Documents will be added to this section as they become available. Please check back often for the most up to date information.

Adopted Budget
Tax Calculator
Build a Budget Simulator
Town Manager's Proposed Budget
Changes to the Town Manager's FY 2013 Proposed Budget
Budget in Brief - Updated 4/25/2012
Budget Calendar

Budget Meetings & Presentations

  • April 4th, 6:30 pmReview: Board of Education, Revenues, Public Works and Landfill budgets Watch It!
  • April 9th, 6:30 pmReview: Safety Services, Recreation & Leisure Services, Library, Human Services, Child Care and Adult Day Care budgets Watch It!
  • April 11th, 6:30 pmReview: Board of Education, Health Services, Development Services, Community Development, Administrative Services and Town Support for Education budgets Watch It!
  • April 18th, 6:30 pmReview: Information Services, General Government, General Services, Insurance Internal Service Fund, Capital Spending and Price Guide budgets. Public Comment. Watch It!
  • April 23rd, 6:30 pmPublic comment, review of previous Town Council questions & preliminary deliberations Watch It!
  • April 25th, 6:30 pmTown Council Final Deliberations. Vote on budget. Watch It!

FY 2013 Department Fact Sheets