Town Offices (Town Hall, Libraries, Recreation, Social Services, Senior Center, LP Wilson Community Center, 330 Windsor Avenue Community Center, Caring Connection, & Public Works) will close at 12:30pm on Friday, December 15, 2023 for the Town’s annual employee appreciation event. Please join us in thanking each and every one of our employees for the hard work that they do throughout the year! We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have. Select services are available online (GIS, building permits, program registration, tax payments, land records search, etc).

Town of Windsor

COVID-19 Information

Connecticut COVID-19 Information

For more local, regional and national data please view the links below.

The below CDC Link includes information on prevention, symptoms, testing, illness, exposures and travel.  You may also check your COVID-19 Community Level to determine individual-level prevention steps to take based on this level.  Or, you may also want to complete your Personal COVID-19 Plan which may be found under the How to Protect Yourself and Others on this CDC Link.

The Past and the Future of COVID-19

COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.  SARS-CoV-2 is genetically related to the coronavirus responsible for the SARS Outbreak in 2003, but the two viruses are different.  In order to differentiate these two viruses, the name COVID-19 was selected as the name for the virus and the disease that it causes.  The World Health Organization (WHO) created the name for the virus – CO for corona, VI for virus, D for disease, and 19 for the year the outbreak was first recognized 2019. 

Moving forward, while no one knows exactly what will occur, it is expected that COVID-19 will continue and become a routine virus similar to influenza, RSV and other more familiar viruses.  Because these pathogens (germs) affect all, we will all need to work together to prevent, mitigate and respond to these future pandemics.* 

*Jacob Lemieux MD, PhD, Harvard Medical School; Assistant Professor of Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital

The CDC has a great deal of information on their website.  In order to simplify access to this information, please see the catergorized resources below:

K-12 Schools & Child Care programs

Colleges & Universities

Travel Considerations

Homeless Shelters

CT Department of Public Health
COVID-19 Information

The Connecticut Department of Public Health also has important information for Connecticut residents. The number of confirmed Connecticut COVID-19 cases is updated each day and you will also find the current list of Emergency Orders and the Governor’s Executive Orders as well.

Get the Facts on the Vax

You have questions. That’s good. It’s normal to be cautious when something new comes along. Wanting to know more is a good thing — it means you want to be informed. And getting informed about COVID-19 vaccines is an important step to help us stop this pandemic.