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Disease Prevention

Disease Prevention & Control involves the investigation, identification, and tracking of diseases within the community and is done in order to preserve and promote public health as well as provide services and information which enables residents to avoid disease and injuries.
Disease Prevention Entails:

Community Assessment

The collection and monitoring of local health data is used to evaluate and plan for community health needs. Some examples of data used for this purpose are cancer rates, heart disease rates, teen pregnancies, and sexually transmitted diseases.

Epidemiological Investigations

There are approximately 80 diseases that have been mandated by the state health department as being reportable to local directors of health. Included in this list are 15 diseases which can be related to terrorist activities. Some examples are tuberculosis, measles, rabies, sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, hepatitis, lead poisoning,  Lyme disease, food-borne diseases, anthrax, botulism, and institutional outbreaks. All potential rabies contacts are investigated and specimens are collected and sent to the state laboratory for analysis.

Suspect foodborne illnesses are also investigated and any test results are reported and analyzed.

Community Programs

We offer a variety of community programs on cardiovascular fitness, Lyme disease and other tick borne illnesses, stress management, fall prevention, and emerging infectious diseases to name a few.

CPR/AED and  First Aid classes are offered through our department.  Windsor has been designated as a Heart Safe Community by the CT Department of Public Health and through our Public Access Defibrillation program we have places AED’s (Automated External Defibrillators) in all of our town buildings.

Certain town employees are required by OSHA to receive blood-borne and airborne pathogen training. Our staff provides training and monitoring for compliance in these areas.