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Windsor Police Cadets

Windsor Police Cadets

The Windsor Police Cadets is a community organization that focuses on encouraging responsibility, leadership, and teamwork, and seeks to provide young people with an insight into the field of law enforcement. They have been established in Windsor since 1981. Because of the pandemic, the Windsor Police Cadets were unable to hold the many fundraisers that serve as a major source of revenue every year. They were also unable to work traffic and safety for various events, which is a practice that both raises money for the program and gives its members valuable experience. These factors, on top of losing registration money due to closures, left the organization in desperate need of additional funding. Luckily, the ARF Grant was able to provide just that. The $10,000 awarded to the Windsor Police Cadets will be used for a myriad of things, among them training, recognition gatherings, maintenance of equipment and vehicles, and a return to the programming that has benefitted Windsor’s youth for decades.

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