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Habitat Maintenance Work

at Northwest Park

Visitors who come out to Northwest Park for a brisk walk in November or December may glimpse some land management work in progress. The park’s large, grassy fields are mowed each year once the growing season has ended to remove tree saplings that would eventually take over through a natural process of succession. Instead, the fields are maintained to remain grassy habitats which are vital to some of our native wildlife species. Several of the smaller meadows are cut every 4-5 years, allowing a shrubby thicket to develop in between cycles.

This year, the Rainbow Dam field will be cleared. The park’s fields are cut with a brush hog pulled by a tractor, or with a bulky forestry mulch mower. Cutting woody growth does not disturb the underground roots or seeds of native grasses and wildflowers, which will sprout again next spring. By following a thoughtful land management regimen, Northwest Park’s rich diversity of habitats are maintained for native plants and wildlife, protecting Windsor’s natural heritage for all to enjoy.