Habitat Maintenance Work

at Northwest Park

Visitors to Northwest Park may notice some land management work in progress this January. The park’s fields and thickets are cut every 1-5 years during the winter to remove tree saplings that would eventually take over through a natural process of succession. Cutting woody growth does not disturb the underground roots or seeds of native grasses and wildflowers, which will sprout again in the spring.

This year, the West Field thicket will be cleared with a forestry mulch mower. A number of larger trees have spread into the south end of the field, and will be removed with chainsaws. Some individual trees will be intentionally left in the West Field, providing shelter and shade for wildlife and visual interest for hikers. By following a thoughtful land management regimen, Northwest Park’s rich diversity of habitats is maintained for native plants and wildlife, protecting Windsor’s natural heritage for all to enjoy.