Taylor Sheridan

Taylor Sheridan: Art Director

About Taylor

Since 2013, Taylor has been invaluable to the Summer Fun Camp Program!  She’s been a part of the camp preparation team, and put in tons of hours to get Summer Fun Camp started. Taylor helped order supplies, prepared for camp training, confirmed field trips, and worked to get new hires trained and confident. During the first week of camp, Taylor went above and beyond her role as the Art Director and consistently brings a level of passion to camp that’s contagious to everyone around her.

Taylor states that she what she enjoys most about her job is “Making a positive impact on kids, particularly the ones that haven’t really experienced someone genuinely taking care of them before”. Taylor’s favorite movie / TV show is Parks & Recreation, her favorite food is pasta, and her hobbies are the following; scuba diving, baking, rock climbing, and spending time with her niece and nephews. Taylor’s dedication and hard work to improving the lives of children and families is part of what makes Windsor great!