Tristan Enkler

Tristan Enkler: Goslee Pool Head Guard

About Tristan:

Tristan has been working with the Town of Windsor pools for the past five years. Tristan’s commitment to customer service and his work ethic is outstanding. He truly wants his pool to look like a resort. His advice for his co-workers is to learn how to multi-task and to have a good awareness of everything that is going on around you. He uses these skills to empathize with our wide range of members and makes each one feel welcome. He tries to treat each customer in a unique way that will satisfy them the most and always “keeps it real” to uphold the facility rules respectfully and consistently.

Most recently, Goslee pool has seen a significant amount of patrons at the pool. Trash outside in the parking lot and grass area have been an issue. Tristan and his staff goes around Stroh Park before the pool opens to assure no trash is on the ground before the pool opens. During Tristan’s shift one will see him walking around talking to patrons saying hi or asking them how the pool is.  With Tristan’s resilient effort to Goslee looking top notch, he and his staff fixed the fence netting that is located outside of the baby pool to hide the pumps.

In addition, Tristan states that what he enjoys the most about his job is teaching swim lessons and actually saving lives. His favorite movie is “The Tuxedo” (Jackie Chan), favorite food is Sushi, favorite professional team is the German soccer team, and Tristan’s favorite hobbies are watching movies & sports and playing video games. Great job Tristan and keep up the good work!