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History and Origin of the Senior Center

Our Senior Center has a long history of providing services to the seniors of Windsor.

This is a brief history of our center.

On November 22, 1957, Mrs. Evelyn W. Mills, with nine other senior citizens established “The Golden Fellowship", which became the first organized senior club in Windsor. Mrs. Vermilea became the first president and organized meetings were held in member's homes, and later in churches, lodges and schools around town.

In 1970, the Town of Windsor, under the direction of Thomas Lerario, established a Senior Center for all Windsor residents at the Sill House on Palisado Avenue. Barbara Kelly became the first part time director. A couple of times a week, a lunch of soup and sandwiches was served by volunteers, and once a month a special dinner was served. Seniors raised money for their activities by selling homemade crafts at craft shows, bazzaars, tag sales, and on Shad Derby Day. In 1972, Friday afternoon bingo was started.

After the L.P. Wilson Jr. High School closed in 1983, half of the building was taken over by the Town of Windsor, and became the L.P. Wilson Community Center. This became possible through the efforts of Mary Turley, who was on the town council. The Recreation Department moved from the Milo Peck Community Center to new headquartes at L.P. Wilson. The Senior Center also moved from the Sill House, becoming part of the new community center. The Community Renewal Team lunch program moved to the center and full lunch meals were served five days a week under the guidance of Angeline Anton. At that time Margaret Lampeter was the part-time coordinator of the senior center. Alice Zizzamia became the new activities specialist in 1985 and retired in 1996. In April 1992, Stephany Wall came on board as the Senior Center Activities Coordinator.

The town government was reorganized in 1994 and the Senior Center staff merged with caseworkers from Human Services to form the Senior Services Team. In 1995, the caseworkers, Meals-On-Wheels, Dial-A-Ride and volunteer medical drivers moved into the senior center so that all senior services would be located in the same building.

A wide range of activities and programs, such as exercise classes, clubs, recreational, health and wellness, nutrition, educational, volunteer, and financial help are presently offered to the seniors of Windsor. A monthly newsletter is issued listing programs for the coming month. A typical newsletter may print a calendar offering as much as 140 activities for the month.  Please click here to view our current monthly newsletter:  Windsor Seniors' Newsletter

Beacause we provide such complete services to seniors, we have ben recognized by the state of Connecticut as a “State Focal Point of Senior Services".