Getting Started

About Windsor Senior Transportation

Windsor Senior Transportation provides time specific transportation to Windsor’s Dial-A-Ride patrons (adults 60 and over and those receiving Social Security Disability benefits) and Windsor’s Caring Connection Adult Day Health Center clients.  Senior Transportation utilizes specially equipped vans operated by experienced drivers and provides approximately 28,000 trips per year.

For Dial-A-Ride, In Town transportation is provided within Windsor and Out of Town transportation is provided to Bloomfield, East Hartford, Enfield, Farmington, Hartford, Newington, West Hartford and Windsor Locks. (with wheelchair accessible buses).

For the Caring Connection Adult Day Health Center, we transport clients from Windsor, Windsor Locks, Bloomfield and Hartford.

Scope Of Service

Dial-A-Ride is a door to door service. This means that passengers must be able to enter and exit their home on their own or with the assistance of an escort provided by the passenger. Our drivers cannot assist individuals in or out of their homes.

Drivers will assist passengers in wheelchairs onto the lift and into the bus. All wheelchairs must have a lap belt. Drivers will secure wheelchairs. Passengers using motor scooters must transfer to a seat.

Vehicles are not available for emergency medical transportation.


Dial-A-Ride may be used by any Windsor resident (proof of residency is required) who is aged 60 or older or any person 18 years or older who is receiving Social Security Disability benefits. Residents wishing to use the service must complete an enrollment form and submit it prior to riding. Once processed, passengers will be registered with the service. If determined that Dial-A-Ride is not appropriate, residents will be referred to alternative transportation. In order for us to call and confirm your ride, you must provide a local telephone number for us to call each time you are scheduled for transportation. Windsor Senior Transportation reserves the right to suspend service to an individual under certain circumstances and abuse.

Enrollment Costs

For Windsor Dial-A-Ride, there is an annual suggested donation of $35.00 per fiscal year (July 1st through June 30).

During the enrollment process, we accept donations of any amount to suppliment the costs involved.

Dial-A-Ride drivers, as employees of the Town of Windsor, are strictly prohibited from taking tips or gifts.

For information on Caring Connection transportation costs, please contact the Caring Connection at (860) 547-0251.

Priority of Destinations

Destinations within the Town of Windsor, in order of priority, include:

  • Medical appointments
  • To and from the Senior and Disabled Center for nutrition or other programs
  • Grocery Shopping (scheduled days only)
  • To and from Public Service Agencies
  • Banking
  • Personal business (hairdresser, etc.)
  • Other shopping (scheduled days only)

The current Dial-A-Ride schedule of regular trips is available in the Senior Center newsletter and in the booklet “There’s a lot to do in Windsor”. Please refer to this schedule when making appointments or planning your trips. This schedule is subject to change. Special trips may be offered periodically and will be advertised in the the Senior Center newsletter.

Passenger Expectations

In order to provide a safe, efficient service, passengers are required to abide by the rules and guidelines of Senior Transportation.  Failure to do so may result in a loss of service. They include:

  • You must remain seated and wear a seat belt. Drivers can assist as needed.
  • Driveways and walks must be cleared of snow, ice or other hazards.
  • We request that you do not take more than 3 parcels on the vehicle.
  • Do not call drivers directly.
  • Be ready 20 minutes prior to pick up.
  • Call to cancel rides as soon as possible.
  • Be respectful of drivers and fellow passengers.
  • There is no assigned seating on the buses.
  • Drivers may, with approval from the coordinator or designate, refuse transportation to an individual if there is a safety concern due to illness, intoxication, uncleared walks or driveways, unreasonable behavior or other concerns.

You may call 860-285-1996 or 860-285-1992 between the hours of 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM if you should have any questions regarding Dial-A-Ride.  You may also view our Windsor Seniors’ Newsletter for more information.