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Town Manager's Report - February 4, 2019

Tax Relief for Senior Citizens

Applications for Elderly Homeowners tax relief are now being taken in the Windsor Assessor’s office and will be accepted until May 15, 2019. To be eligible for this program, you must be at least 65 years of age by December 31, 2018 or declared totally disabled by the Social Security Administration. You must also own and occupy your home and meet income requirements. 

In addition to the state program, Windsor also offers a local program. All taxpayers that qualify for the state program will automatically qualify for the local program.  However, if you do not qualify for the state program, you could still possibly qualify for the local program. For more information please contact the Windsor Assessor’s office at 860-285-1817.

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Police Department Specialized Assignments

During the last contract negotiations with the police officers’ employee association, several changes in contract language were agreed upon to allow for more flexibility in making assignments to enhance police services and to provide growth opportunities for officers.  With staffing levels in the Police Department nearing full strength after the hiring and training of several new officers, the department now has the ability to begin filling various special assignments. These assignments augment departmental operations, similar to the School Resource Officer and the Youth Engagement Officer. 

One assignment now being filled is a Community Resource Officer (CRO).  The CRO will focus on quality-of-life issues throughout town, such as junk car enforcement, ongoing noise complaints, and chronic neighborhood problems such as speeding.  This officer will coordinate efforts between the police and other town agencies to best address these issues in a timely fashion.  The CRO will also enhance department community outreach to the business community.  Providing safety and security presentations and collecting and maintaining business contact information are examples of how the department can increase safety awareness throughout Windsor.  This position will also be a liaison for the numerous community events that happen in Windsor throughout the year.

As additional new officers complete training and become eligible to work independently in patrol, other special assignments, including a Detective Division training assignment and a second Traffic Enforcement Officer, will be filled to provide enhanced service delivery as well as different work and growth opportunities for officers.

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Poquonock School Ventilation and Air Conditioning Project

As you know, we have systematically planned to install and/or replace the HVAC systems in each of the four elementary schools over roughly an 8 to 10 year period.   Poquonock Elementary is the one remaining elementary buildings that is not air-conditioned.  The heating system at Poquonock was replaced through a phased project approach between 2010 and 2012.

The proposed project to install an air conditioning system at Poquonock Elementary School has been designed and bid.   Four contractors attended the pre-bid site visit.  Two contractors submitted bids.

The project bids are substantially higher than the design engineer’s estimate of approximately $1.4 M.  The Public Building Commission provided guidance to staff to review the project scope and attempt to negotiate price adjustments with the contractor(s).  Depending on the results of such efforts, there could be a range of alternatives such as, reject all bids and rebid the project later in 2019, modify project scope, defer other planned capital projects to provide funding capacity or defer the project indefinitely. 

Staff will be reporting back to the Public Building Commission in the next two weeks.

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Town Clerk’s Office Annual Marriage License Tradition Continues

The Windsor Town Clerk’s office is offering free marriage licenses on Thursday, February 14th in honor of Valentine’s Day for any couple wanting to get married in Windsor within the next 65 days. This is an annual tradition which began in 1962 by Town Clerk, George Tudan. Both parties must be present and need to bring a photo identification. The Clerk’s office will be issuing these free licenses from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. In addition, each couple will be eligible to win a beautiful gift basket filled with assorted gift items, which have been donated by our generous local Windsor merchants.

For those who wish to marry immediately, a Justice of the Peace will be available all day, however, prior arrangements must be made. For details, call the Town Clerk’s office at 860-285-1902 or visit the Town of Windsor’s website at