Windsor Evening Outdoor Activities Rescheduled/Curtailed

October 9, 2019

Given the colder temperatures in the past several days as well as the forecast for the remainder of the week, schedules for outdoor recreation activities are resuming their regular schedules.  These colder temperatures slow down the mosquito activity.  The Superintendent of Schools has also decided to resume their regular schedules.  We still recommend that best practices and precautions be used to prevent mosquito bites such as wearing long sleeves and use of insect repellent.

As a reminder, the Town has an annual mosquito control program.  As part of the program, we regularly treat 23 different town-owned locations from roughly April until early fall.  We also treat all town-owned storm drains with larvicide 2 to 3 times per summer and spray select areas if during the summer the adult mosquito population is significant.