Citizens Guide to the Town Planning and Zoning Commission




This guide was created to help citizens better understand the planning and zoning process so that they may participate more effectively and have a more active and positive role in shaping the future of their neighborhoods and town.  The Planning Department has provided the information contained in this guide for educational purposes and it is not intended as legal advice.  As statutes, regulations, and ordinances are subject to change, please consult with the Planning Department for the most up to date information.


Using this Guide


To navigate through the pages of this guide, please use the links below.  These page links will be located at the bottom of each page in the guide.  You will note blue hypertext throughout this guide.  These will either open a new tab, a new window or take you directly to other web pages and documents, where you can get more information.  To return to this guide from outside documents or pages, close any new tabs or windows or hit your back button.  Many documents are in Adobe PDF format, which requires Adobe's free Acrobat Reader that you can download here.



Table of Contents

Main Page

TPZC Meetings Explained

Planning Department

Town Planning and Zoning Commission

Zoning Board of Appeals

General Procedures



Did You Know?

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