American Rescue Funds


Learn how Windsor is putting ARPA funds to use

What are American Rescue Funds?

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) includes financial relief for municipalities to address a variety of needs created by the far reaching COVID-19 pandemic. However, you’ll see us referring to these funds as ARF, or American Rescue Funds.

It is our goal to ensure Windsor residents are aware of the projects, programs and services funded through American Rescue Funds until all of the allocated funds are expended. Look out for our ARF dog, anywhere you see it, you’ll know American Rescue Funds were involved.

The funding will be provided to the town over a two year period with the expected amount to be approximately $8.5M.  Funds need to be expended or committed by the end of calendar year 2024.   In some cases, such as capital projects, funds need to be committed by that date but not fully expended until 2026.

Click the following link for detailed information on the American Rescue Plan Act.

Funds Allocation Framework

The Town Council has approved the designation of four key areas of focus, providing a framework on how to spend the funds.
Keep an eye out for these topics as information is released to better understand how this money is being used.

Competitive & Sustainable Economy

Small business assistance, workforce development (training, apprenticeships), promotion and marketing, redevelopment & workforce / affordable housing.

Safe, Strong, Diverse Neighborhoods & Families

Direct assistance to individuals & households, housing rehabilitation & weatherization, safety services, tenant and landlord assistance.

Community Health & Wellness

Public health education, social services, recreation programs (youth, families, seniors), library and literacy programs, behavioral health services and outreach.

Capital and Infrastructure Investments

Approximately $5,100,000 in funds to be allocated toward improvements to our community in the form of capital and infrastructure investments.

What’s already happened? A timeline:

Plan overview

An overview of the American Rescue Plan Act was provided to the town council.
July 2021

Council Workshop

A Council Workshop was held in August 2021 to further discuss the overall program guidelines and eligible use categories.
August 2021

Small Business and Non-Profit Grant

At their October 18, 2021 meeting, Town Council approved the Small Business and Nonprofit Grant Program and authorized the use of $500,000 in American Rescue Plan Funds.
October 2021

Framework and Potential Allocation Plan

Town staff presented an overall framework and potential allocation plan for the Town council to begin reviewing and considering.

Also in January, 50 small business and non-profit organizations received grant funding through the small business and non-profit grant program.
January 2022
American Rescue Funds branding initiative

American Rescue Funds branding initiative

At the February 7, 2022 Town Council meeting, a presentation of the American Rescue Funds (ARF) branding initiative was introduced.

At this meeting the Town Council approved the following framework for the allocation of funds:

– Competitive & Sustainable Economy,
– Safe, Strong, Diverse Neighborhoods & Families,
– Community Health & Wellness,
– $5,100,000 is estimated to be allocated towards investments in capital or infrastructure related projects.
February 2022

Windsor Volunteer Ambulance and Caring Connection Allocations

At their April 27, 2022 special meeting, the town council amended the FY 23 proposed budget by reducing the Windsor Volunteer Ambulance general fund contribution by $50,000 and appropriating the use of $150,000 in American Rescue Funds to Windsor Volunteer Ambulance.

In addition, the $40,000 contribution proposed for the Caring Connection Adult Day Health Center was removed from the general fund and $100,000 in American Rescue Funds was appropriated to the Caring Connection budget.
April 2022

Windsor Worx – An Economic Development Hub

At their May 16, 2022 meeting, the Town Council approved an appropriation of $165,000 of the town’s American Rescue Funds for the establishment of a Small Business Incubator and Support Center.

Learn About Windsor Worx
May 2022

Wilson Gateway Park

At their July 5, 2022 meeting, the Town Council approved an appropriation of *$500,000 of the town’s American Rescue Funds as a local match to be included in a State of Connecticut Community Investment Fund grant application for the development of a community park at 458 Windsor Avenue.

Click here to learn more about the town’s grant application and conceptual drawings.

*Conceptual drawings will continue to be refined with additional public input and feedback.
*appropriation contingent on grant approval

July 2022

Endorsement of Riverfront Recapture’s Community Investment Fund grant application

Also at their July 5, 2022 meeting, the Town Council approved an appropriation of $50,000 of the town’s American Rescue Funds as an endorsement for Riverfront Recapture’s grant application for the extension of the multi-use path along the Connecticut River.

Click here to learn more about the grant application.

*appropriation contingent on grant approval
July 2022

Funding Authorization Requests Submitted to Town Council

Specific funding authorization requests will be brought to the Town Council for consideration as the program planning continues and firmer cost estimates are determined.
Summer 2022

Additional Funding Requests

Additional funding requests will be presented to Town Council in alignment with the adopted framework
Fall 2022