Town Manager's Report - July 10th, 2017

Community Block Party Series Kicks Off This Friday

The first of three community block parties will be held this Friday, July 14th from 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM at Sharshon Park.


Teenagers in Youth Services Bureau programs together with the Windsor Police have planned this free family event that will include a bounce house, carnival games, a live DJ, food and more.


Future community block parties will be held at Lancaster Park on July 28th and Deerfield Park on August 11th.


Prospect Hill Road

Phase II of Prospect Hill Road reconstruction project has been slowed due to delays by the phone and cable utility companies in completing relocations of both overhead and underground equipment. The overhead relocation work is complete and the majority of the old utility poles were recently removed. The general contractor has nearly completed tree removal work in addition to installing silt fencing in preparation of starting the installation of storm drainage infrastructure this coming week.


Paving Projects

Street and facility repaving has been ongoing in earnest in the past three weeks or so. Town crews and private contractors have worked in partnership to complete the following roads so far:


  • Central Street          
  • Mechanic Street
  • Union Street
  • Aramamet Street
  • Attawanot Street
  • Lyme Street
  • Irving Street
  • Saville Street
  • Skitchewaug Street
  • Songonosk Street
  • Worthy Street


Two school facilities are also being repaved and are nearly complete as of today. Clover Street School area on the east side of the building is being repaved.  The parking area to the west of the school was repaved two years ago.  The driveway and the majority of the parking areas at Oliver Ellsworth School are also in the process of being repaved.  These two projects are funded through a grant that the Board of Education was awarded in FY 17.   


Public Works’ crews have been replacing stormwater catch basin tops on a number of roads in the northern part of town in preparation for potential milling and repaving this fall depending on funding levels through the FY 18 budget.


Cook Hill Road Sidewalk Design Project

Staff has designed two options for the possible construction of a sidewalk along the east side of Cook Hill Road between Capen and Bloomfield Avenue.  One alternative layout requires permanent easements from up to six abutters and no relocation of utility poles.  A second alternative would eliminate the need for permanent sidewalk easements but requires the relocation of utility poles.  The preliminary cost estimates for both alternatives (not including any easement costs) ranges from approximately $220,000 to $255,000.  The recommended funding source for this project would be the Community Investment Initiative fund established in FY 17.  


Next steps will be to meet with residents and property owners along Cook Hill Road to review and discuss the design alternatives.  If the project were to proceed, a public hearing is required to be held by the town council per the town ordinance and funding would need to be authorized by the town council.  Depending on which alternative were to be selected, easements would also need to be secured.