History of the Windsor Fire Department

The Windsor Volunteer Fire Department (WVFD) is composed of four fire companies: Windsor, Wilson, Poquonock and Hayden Station. In the late 1980's the Town of Windsor realized it needed to make changes to ensure the longevity of the volunteer fire companies and hired a consultant to review the town. One of the major conclusions by the consultant was the need to unify the four fire companies into one fire department. Many meetings were held with representatives from each fire company and finally, The WVFD was established by Town charter at the Town Council meeting on July 17, 1991.

Since that date there has been a serious commitment to upgrading the equipment and facilities of the WVFD. A town wide referendum graciously approved by the citizens of Windsor funded much of our capitol purchases. New equipment purchased includes: 4 Pumpers, 2 Ladder trucks and one utility vehicle. In addition the Wilson Fire Company has moved into new quarters on Pine Lane, the Poquonock firehouse was completely renovated and a substation was added on Rainbow Road (funded by Culbro Industries) to support the industry in that area.

One of the key areas of the transition was the creation of a Chief of the department. Our first Chief was Greg Malloy in 1991. Greg was a Captain of the Hayden Station Fire Company at the time he was made Chief and had the unenviable job of starting the process of combining four very independent fire companies into one department. During this period committees were established to start town wide training, SOP's, apparatus needs, etc. Standard Operating Procedures were finalized in 1995. Dale Smith became Chief in 1996. Dale had held the rank of Chief of the Poquonock Fire Company and at the time of his appointment to Chief he was the Assistant Chief of the Poquonock Fire Company. During this period the consolidation effort continued. Committees were strengthened, firehouses and vehicles completed and the "new" identity of the fire department evolved. William Lewis is our current chief. Bill also has a long history with the fire department, serving as chief of the Wilson Fire Company for several years. Although he has been chief only for several months, several changes have occurred to better the WVFD.

The first of which was the creation of two assistant chiefs that will manage two fire companies each. The assistant chiefs also will have administrative duties as assigned by the Chief.

Multiple committees have been created to evolve the WVFD. Many of these committees have produced results already!

The Apparatus Evaluation committee had recommended the removal and new placement of apparatus. This had been completed. The Physical Plant committee has presented a needs analysis for the Hayden Station and Windsor firehouses. The Patch and Badge committee has created a unique patch which represents the WVFD. These patches will appear on uniforms shortly. A new badge design will also be finalized by summers end. The Web page design committee has created the pages that you view today.

All this was accomplished in several short months and with members from all four stations. Chief Lewis looks to use this method of creating solutions by committee in the future efforts of the WVFD.

We have combined into one department but each of these companies have a rich past with many memories. Click on each firehouse to enter the history of each company.

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