Town Planning & Zoning Commission


Who We Are


The Town Planning and Zoning Commission (TPZC) is an appointed commission charged with the long-range planning, conservation, and development of the Town.  Through its Plan of Conservation and Development, (POCD) the TPZC sets future policy for the conservation and orderly development of the Town over the next decade and beyond.  Through its Subdivision Regulations and Zoning Regulations, the TPZC implements the POCD by regulating the residential and commercial development of Town.


The TPZC is supported by the Planning Department and the Staff Development Team: a multi-disciplinary team of Town officials charged with comprehensively reviewing all development proposals and applications pending before the Commission.


Commission Information


Members:              Current Membership


Address:                Town Planning and Zoning Commission

                             c/o Planning Department

                             275 Broad Street

                             Windsor, CT 06095


Location:               Town Hall, Second Floor


General Phone:      (860) 285-1980

Fax Phone:            (860) 285-1809

General e-mail:



Commission Staff


Eric Barz, AICP

Town Planner

(860) 285-1981


Abby Kenyon

Assistant Town Planner

(860) 285-1982


Tom Hazel

Environmental Planner

(860) 285-1987


Marian Madison

Planning Secretary

(860) 285-1980



View Meetings Online


For your convenience, the Town now streams previously televised meetings and other recorded content from WGTV online.  Click here to link to the Town's new video archive.



Meeting Documents








Ordinances and Regulations


Subdivision Regulations


Zoning Regulations


Great Pond Form-Based Code


Zoning Use Table


Great Pond Regulating Plan


Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance


Stormwater Management Ordinance

Floodplain Management Ordinance


Town of Windsor Stormwater Manual

Illicit Discharges & Connections Ordinance



Plans and Studies


2004 Plan of Conservation and Development


2004 Plan of Conservation & Development Update: 2007 Open Space and Agricultural Preservation Plan


2004 Plan of Conservation & Development Update: 2008 Day Hill Corporate Area Plan


2004 Plan of Conservation & Development Update: 2011 Residential, Economic and Village Development (in progress)


CRCOG Route 305 Corridor Study


CRCOG Northwest Transit Study





Zoning Map 

Great Pond Regulating Plan

Future Land Use Map

Floodplain Maps



Application Forms, Checklists, Procedures, and Glossary











Did You Know?

In what may be a first in CT, Windsor has produced digital annotated zoning regulations with helpful notes, illustrations, cross-references, and links to further information to help you better understand them.  You can view them here,