Town Planning and Zoning Commission

Appointed by the Town Council, the Town Planning and Zoning Commission (TPZC) consist of five regular members serving five-year terms and three alternate members serving two-year terms, with not more than a bare majority from any one party.  The list of current members is available here.
Powers and Duties
The TPZC derives its planning and zoning powers from Chapters 124 and 126 of the Connecticut General Statutes.  The TPZC prepares, adopts and amends the Plan of Conservation and Development, as well as the Subdivision and Zoning Regulations; hears and acts on all applications for zone changes, special uses, non-conforming uses, design developments, subdivisions and resubdivisions; reviews and approves site development plans; and advises the Town Council about planning and zoning impacts on public development projects or programs.