Revaluation Results

2023 Property Revaluation Results

You may look up the new assessment for your property using this online database.

In accordance with State Law, Windsor has completed a revaluation of all property included on its Grand List as of October 1, 2023. The purpose of a revaluation is to determine the current fair market value of all properties.

For local property tax purposes, State Law requires that municipalities assess all property at 70% of its current fair market value. Please note that the new assessment, not the market value is the basis on which your July 2024 tax bill will be computed. Also note that the Assessment Change percent does not represent an equivalent tax change percent.

If the Fair Market Value of your home is $300,000, your taxes are computed on 70% of that amount, or $210,000. This assessed value is then multiplied by the Mill Rate (and then divided by 1,000) to determine the actual tax amount. The town wide Mill Rate is set annually during the Town Budget Referendum each spring. Please do not apply the current Mill Rate to your new assessment. Using the current Mill Rate will NOT correctly calculate your July 2024 tax bill.