Lower Farmington River and Salmon Brook Wild and Scenic Coordinating Committee

The National Park Services’ Partnership Wild & Scenic rivers program provides for exceptional rivers to be designated as “Wild and Scenic” by Congress.  The Lower Farmington River & Salmon Brook achieved this designation in 2019.  As part of the designation, a coordinating committee has been formed.  Each town along the designated waterways has been asked to appoint two members to the Lower Farmington River and Salmon Brook Wild and Scenic Coordinating Committee. Terms for members will be a multi-year term.

Some of the roles of the Lower Farmington River and Salmon Brook Wild and Scenic Coordinating Committee will include:

  • Participating in addressing river-related issues affecting stream flow and outstanding resource values
  • Cooperating in updating the Lower Farmington River & Salmon Brook Wild and Scenic Management Plan periodically
  • Working on projects that provide opportunities to the public and also committee member organizations to learn and participate in resolving issues affecting the river
  • Participating in decisions around dispersing funding to entities requesting financial help with projects meeting certain goals contained in the Management Plan
  • Actively fulfilling the function of liaison between towns and other town-based conservation organizations
  • Helping in preparing the annual report of the committee and in publicizing any pressing needs or issues requiring attention or assistance from the local, state and/or federal government.

Responsibilities of the committee members will include:

  • Attending monthly committee meetings and/or coordinating with the alternate member(s) so that each town has at least one representative present at every meeting
  • Serving actively on one subcommittee, for example, Stewardship, Small Grants, Education and Outreach, Management Plan Update
  • Reporting to one’s town on committee activities annually or as the town request
  • Staying up to date on the activities of one’s town land use boards and commissions, for example, planning, zoning, inland wetlands and watercourses and conservation and report to the Wild and Scenic Committee as needed on matters where the Committee could provide support or that could affect stream flow and the river’s outstanding resource values.

Interested in being a part of this committee?

Applications are due by 6/22/2020