Commission on Aging and Persons with Disabilities Profile


Windsor's Commission on Aging & Persons with Disabilities was established for the purpose of:

  1. To foster understanding, respect, and involvement of older adults and handicapped.
  2. To encourage participation of older adults and handicapped in all aspects of community life.
  3. To assure older adults and handicapped equal access to town resources, facilities, programs, and development through consultation and participation in planning and making recommendtions for action.
  4. To continuously study and analyze the needs of older adults and handicapped in order to ascertain, evaluate, and where appropriate, to propose innovative approaches to their changing needs.
  5. To study funding sources such as state, federal and other grants and make recommendations to the town council in areas of need that re important to older adults and handicapped.


Receives and studies older adult and handicapped problems and refers complaints of discrimination to the proper agency. Recommends programs or ordinance to deal with existing potential problems.

Member Brown, Marsha Expires: 2023-11-08
Member Douglas-Wilks, Marva Expires: 2025-01-31
Member Massa, Linda Expires: 2026-01-31
Member VACANT Expires: 2023-01-31
Member Roby, Kathryn Expires: 2026-01-31
Alternate Avedisian, Amy Expires: 2024-11-30
Alternate VACANT Expires: 2022-01-30
Liaison Joyce, Rebecca
Party Seats
Democrats: 3
Republicans: 1
Independent: 0
Green: 0
Unaffiliated: 3

As per Section 5.1 (d) of the Town Charter, the council shall not appoint more than a bare majority of any one party on any board. This board/commission presently has: