Historic District Commission Profile


The Windsor Historic District Commission (HDC) is an appointed commission charged with the preservation and protection of the historic character of the Windsor Historic District, which is generally located 250 feet to either side of Palisado Avenue, between the Farmington River and Bissell's Ferry Road.  Through its regulations, the HDC regulates the exterior appearance of all man-made structures visible from the street within the Windsor Historic District.


Makes decisions on applications for Certificates of Appropriateness to build, remodel, enlarge, or demolish buildings and structures within the Windsor Historic District.  Additional information regarding the Windsor Historic District Commission can be found here.

Member Raney, Loretta
Member Dupont-Diehl, Liz
Member Reardon, Jacqueline
Member Rubino, Steve
Member Yeich, Colette
Alternate Cassidy, Sarah
Alternate Hinckley, Marcia
Alternate VACANT
Liaison Barz, Eric
Member - Historian Ermenc, Christine
Party Seats
Democrats: 3
Republicans: 3
Unaffiliated: 2

As per Section 5.1 (d) of the Town Charter, the council shall not appoint more than a bare majority of any one party on any board. This board/commission presently has: