Wilson/Deerfield Advisory Committee Profile

The Wilson/Deerfield Advisory Committee was established in 1998, with the duties of advising the town in planning, coordinating and promoting rehabilitation activities and improving living conditions in the Wilson and Deerfield areas.

Acts in an advisory capacity to the town relative to the Wilson neighborhood.

Member Baker, Deborah Expires: 2026-04-30
Member Bingham, Alvin Expires: 2023-04-30
Member Czelazewicz, Jennifer Expires: 2026-04-30
Member Hyatt, Lakisha Expires: 2026-04-30
Member Jackson, Charles Expires: 2023-04-30
Member Joseph, Carolyn Expires: 2026-04-30
Member Rosol, Ken Expires: 2026-04-30
Member Woodward, Kathleen Expires: 2026-04-30
Member Zak, Karen Expires: 2026-04-30
Liaison Rey DeCastro, Flavia
Party Seats
Democrats: 5
Republicans: 1
Independent: 1
Green: 0
Unaffiliated: 2

As per Section 5.1 (d) of the Town Charter, the council shall not appoint more than a bare majority of any one party on any board. This board/commission presently has: