Board of Ethics Profile


PURPOSE:  The Windsor Board of Ethics was created for the purpose of rendering advisory opinions and making recommendations with respect to the drafting and adoption of amendments to the Code of Ethics.

DUTIES:  The Board of Ethics is a citizen's advisory board and fact finding body.  Upon the request of the Town Manager, any member of the Town Council, the Superintendent of Schools and any member of the Board of Education, the Board of Ethics may render advisory opinions regarding possible violations of the Code of Ethics. 

The Board does not have the authority to discipline any town official or employee.  A finding of a violation of the Code of Ethics, together with recommendations for corrective action, if any, must be forwarded to the agency or person requesting the opinion for further action.

SCOPE OF THE CODE OF ETHICS:  The Code of Ethics applies to all town officials and employees.  It is intended to provide objective standards to ensure that town officials and employees do not use their public office or employment for personal or financial gain or engage in outside professional or business activities that pose an actual conflict of interest with their town duties.


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Member Champlin, Michael Expires: 2026-07-31
Member Garry, Sarah Expires: 2023-07-31
Member Ghanesh-Thompson, Joan Expires: 2025-07-31
Member VACANT Expires: 2024-07-31
Member Worrell-Asare, Sonia Expires: 2027-07-31
Liaison Albert, Helene
Party Seats
Democrats: 3
Republicans: 2
Independent: 0
Green: 0
Unaffiliated: 0

As per Section 5.1 (d) of the Town Charter, the council shall not appoint more than a bare majority of any one party on any board. This board/commission presently has: