Clean Energy Task Force Profile


The Sustainability/Clean Energy Task Force shall have the following powers and duties:

  1. Will work with Town Staff to identify sustainability opportunities.
  2. Shall identify and study viable and feasible sustainability projects and programs to reduce energy consumption and/or expenses in town and school facilities.
  3. Shall increase public awareness, education, and municipal participation in sustainability efforts including energy conservation, renewable resources, and other environmentally friendly practices.
  4. Shall provide an annual report to the Town Council and provide any reports as necessary and upon request.
  5. Shall serve in an advisory capacity and recommendations shall not bind the Town to take any specific action or require that it appropriate funds.
  6. Shall do such other duties as assigned by Council from time to time.

Member Chaudhary, Neil Expires: 2021-08-03
Member Dyreson, Jeffrey Expires: 2023-08-03
Member VACANT Expires: 2021-08-03
Member Slate, George Expires: 2023-08-03
Member VACANT Expires: 2021-08-03
Member Weiner, Eric Expires: 2021-08-03
Member Yetman, Elizabeth Expires: 2023-08-03
Party Seats
Democrats: 4
Republicans: 3
Independent: 0
Green: 0
Unaffiliated: 0

As per Section 5.1 (d) of the Town Charter, the council shall not appoint more than a bare majority of any one party on any board. This board/commission presently has:

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