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What is the purpose of the Fair Rent Commission?

The commission’s job is to help regulate rent and eliminate excessive rent charges for residential units in Windsor.

Commissioners will review complaints of unfair or excessive rent charges, evaluate them, and make decisions on a case-by-case basis.

The Community Development Department provides staff support for the commission.

Who can be a member?

The commission consists of seven members and three alternates, all of whom are registered voters appointed to the committee by the town council for three-year terms.

Of the seven members:

  • two should be landlords
  • two should be tenants
  • three should be neither landlord nor tenant

Of the alternates, one person should be from each category.

No more than four of the regular members can be from the same political party. No more than two of the alternates can be from the same party. At least five members constitutes a quorum.

Any vacancies?

The town is currently seeking:

  • three landlords (two members and one alternate)
  • two tenants (one member and one alternate)
  • one person who is neither (member)

When are the meetings?

The commission meets as needed , when there are complaints that require review.

To apply for a position on the commission, click here.

For a flyer about the commission, click here.

For information, contact the Community Development Department at or (860) 285-1984.