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Building and Fire Safety

Bolasevich, RobertFire Marshal(860) 285-1972
Cusson, GinaPayroll & Benefits Assistant
Langworthy, DavidBuilding Official
Soto, ReynaldoAssistant Building Official(860) 285-1960
Sterchak, AndrewAssistant Building Offical(860) 285-1973
Volkert, LauriFire Inspector(860) 285-1971

Caring Connection

Hannon, JudyNurse Coordinator(860) 547-0251
Ridel, DeniseAdult Daycare Professional(860) 547-0251
Rosenbaum, CherylCaring Connection Manager(860) 547-0251

Community Development

Brown, SandraAdministrative Aide(860) 285-1984
Rey de Castro, FlaviaCommunity Development Specialist

Economic Development

McMahon, PatrickEconomic Development Director860-285-1877


Jarvis, RobertTown Engineer(860) 285-1804
Zinky, JennaEngineer(860) 285-1874

Facilities Maintenance

Dowgewicz, GaryAssistant Building and Facilities Manager(860) 285-1872
Przech, WhitBuilding and Facilities Manager(860) 285-1870

Finance Department

Bourke, JamesFinance Director(860) 285-1936
Burke, JanetPayroll & Benefits Assistant(860) 285-1939
Collins, LindaAssistant Finance Director(860) 285-1942
Dodd, TristenAccountant860-285-1890
Shwayhat, JanetAccounts Payable(860) 285-1938

Health Services

Branford, TrishannaSanitarian(860) 285-1829
Delport, TinaAdminstrative Aide(860) 285-1822
Donato, GreggCode Inspector(860) 285-1825
Pepe, MichaelDirector of Health(860) 285-1828
Rotondaro, MichaelSanitarian(860) 285-1827
Waldo, JenniferPublic Health Nurse(860) 285-1824

Human Resources

Bliss, AmeliaHuman Resources Director(860) 285-1850
Castellanos, SophiaHuman Resources Generalist860-285-1837
Dondero, AlliHuman Resources Associate860-285-1849

Information Technology

Angelillo, FrankInformation Technology Director(860) 285-1893
Garibay, JoseInformation Technology Specialist(860) 285-1895
Le, DuongInformation Technology Specialist(860) 285-1892


Barnes, GabrielleWilson Library Branch Manager(860) 285-1931
Gorton, ChristineAdministrative Assistant(860) 285-1913
Mannion, GailLending Services Manager(860) 285-1924
O'Shea, AndreaReference & Technical Services Librarian(860) 285-1920
Remy, AlexTeen Librarian(860) 285-1919
Ricotta, DeniseIT Librarian(860) 285-1922
Rizzo, GayeLibrary Director(860) 285-1912
Tapper, DanielleLibrarian(860) 285-1925

Northwest Park

Smith, MarilynNorthwest Park Manager(860) 285-1886


Barz, EricTown Planner(860) 285-1981
Marcavitch, AndreaSecretary(860) 285-1800
Sealy, ToddAssistant Town Planner(860) 285-1982
Thompson, ChloeEnvironmental Planner(860) 285-1987

Police Department

Alberti, NicoleDetective860-298-4352
Beaudoin, JosephDetective(860) 298-4356
Bibeau, JosephDetective860-298-4354
Bracero, DenisePolice Officer860-688-5273 ext. 2187
Bramley, MichaelPolice Officer860-688-5273 ext. 2123
Brannack, SuzanneExecutive Assistant860-298-4312
Burke, BrianDetective860-298-4353
Carilli, NicoliPolice Officer860-688-5273 ext. 2144
Connaugton, BrianDetective(860) 298-4355
Cosker, JustinPolice Officer860-688-5273 ext. 2109
Dally, NicholasSergeant(860) 298-4326
Feltman, MichaelPolice Officer860-688-5273 ext. 2124
Finik, AllyPolice Officer860-688-5273 ext. 2158
Grey, ShaniPolice Officer860-688-5273 ext. 2159
Harris, AustinPolice Officer860-688-5273 ext. 2109
Horn, ZacharyPolice Officer860-688-5273 ext. 2109
Johnson, AndrewPolice Officer860-688-5273 ext. 2108
King, RyanPolice Officer860-688-5273 ext. 2153
LaRock, Heather
Majewicz, PaulPolice Officer860-688-5273 ext. 2132
Mason, AlanPolice Officer860-688-5273 ext. 2131
Mayhew, LaurenPolice Officer860-688-5273 ext. 2145
Melanson, DonaldPolice Chief(860) 298-4311
Messina, TomSergeant(860) 298-4351
Morneau, JoelSergeant(860) 298-4323
Neary, MicheleLieutenant(860) 298-4314
O'Connell, John860-688-5273 ext.2156
Pena, CarmeloPolice Officer860-688-5273 ext. 2116
Petkis, BernardSergeant(860) 298-4322
Sanchez, DavidSergeant(860)298-4318
Saylor, DevinSergeant(860) 298-4325
Simon, JohnSergeant(860) 298-4321
Taylor, TyraPolice Officer(860) 298-4348
Tustin, MichaelPolice Officer860-688-5273 ext. 2104
Tyrrell, BrandonPolice Officer860-688-5273 ext. 2195
Van Wormer, KimberlyAnimal Control Officer(860) 219-9832
Wilder, RyanPolice Officer860-688-5273 ext. 2138

Public Relations

Jubrey, EnitaAssistant to the Town Manager(860) 285-1835
Silver, PatrickCommunications & Community Outreach Specialist(860) 285-1838

Public Works

Bretas, JenniferAdministrative Aide860-285-1855
Dinallo, RobertProject Engineer(860) 285-1865
Kohrer, RyanInspector(860) 285-1876
Winot, CharleneAdministrative Clerk(860) 285-1855
Jarvis, RobertDirector of Public Works(860) 285-1857

Recreation & Leisure Services

Blenis, ShannonRecreation Program Specialist(860) 285-1991
Henderson, RichardAssistant Recreation Director(860) 285-1993
Letourneau, LisaAdministrative Assistant(860) 285-1990
Maffiolini, SarahYouth Services Coordinator(860) 285-1946
Norris, PaulRecreation and Leisure Services Director(860) 285-1997

Risk Management

Maynard, MartinRisk Manager(860) 285-1851

Safety Services

Goldberg, PaulFire Department Administratior(860) 285-1983

Senior Services

Headley, GeorgeSenior Services Transportation Coordinator(860) 285-1996
Joyce, RebeccaSenior Services Coordinator(860) 285-1881

Social Services

Goodman, MargaretCaseworker(860) 285-1873
Hall, JasmineSocial Services Coordinator(860) 285-1836
Nunes, SusanAdministrative Aide(860) 285-1839
Price, AndrewCaseworker(860) 285-1866
Sheldon, DeborahCaseworker(860) 285-1839

Tax Collection

Elliot, CathleenTax Collector(860) 285-1811
James, WendyTax Clerk(860) 285-1812
VonEisengrein, SallyClerical Assistant(860) 285-1810

Town Assessor

Gaston, JoshuaAssistant Assessor(860) 285-1818
LaBarbera, LawrenceTown Assessor(860) 285-1819

Town Clerk

Miller, SharonDeputy Town Clerk(860) 285-1902
Posniak, AnnaTown Clerk(860) 285-1902
White, FreidaRecords & Information Clerk(860) 285-1902

Town Manager's Office

Albert, HeleneExecutive Assistant(860) 285-1808
Colby, ScottAssistant Town Manager
Souza, PeterTown Manager(860) 285-1800

Transfer Station

Goossens, MarkSolid Waste Manager(860) 285-1832
Redding, StevenLandfill Operator(860) 285-1833
Small, CherylLandfill Operator(860) 285-1833
Tran, BridgetScale Clerk(860) 285-1733
White, RussellLandfill Operator(860) 285-1833

Windsor Montessori

Banasiewicz, EricEarly Childhood Educator II(860) 285-1405
Burnham, LoriEarly Childhood Educator I(860) 285-1423
Casey, LauraDiscovery Center & Montessori School Director(860) 285-1420
Hastings, HollyEarly Childhood Educator(860) 285-1426
Pearce, ArleneEarly Childhood Educator II(860) 285-1422
Ribeiro, JessicaEarly Childhood Educator II(860) 285-1423
Sargalski, TonyaEarly Childhood Educator II(860) 285-1444