Trying out website for first time


Logged in for first time with giant long password. Took a few tries but I eventually got it right.

Looked in the documents page and noticed the CIPs weren’t all named uniformly. Deleted a couple of old Draft versions and added the word Adopted to the ones that didn’t indicate if they were adopted, proposed or Draft. Used the quick edit method and also did it in the Edit Document screen.

Used the Filter tool on the Documents page

Tried to figure out how to make the most recent documents appear at the top of the list of documents but couldn’t

Added a page called Finance Director’s Home Page, and added a two column layout. Stuck a twitter feed widget on the left side and something else on the right side and published it.
The new page shows when in Edit Document View Page, but I can’t see it on published web site. Tried to make the Finance Department page it’s parent page; didn’t work.