Environmental Health

Environmental Health involves the use of scientific investigative techniques to identify and abate environmental causes of disease. By working closely with residents and businesses in town, we can find environmentally friendly solutions to public health, development and community issues.

Food Safety

The prevention of food borne illness is the primary goal of our food safety program. Bacterial and viral organisms such as Salmonella, E-Coli, Campylobacter, and Hepatitis A are just a few potential causes of food borne  illness. The Windsor Health Department licenses and inspects over 170 permanent and temporary food service operations. Our inspection process involves visiting the establishment unannounced and conducting a full food sanitation inspection in the presence of the management. We also offer in-service training on food safety issues to local food service operators.

Drinking Water Protection

Many residents of Windsor are still served by an on site water supply in the form of drilled, driven or dug wells. The Health Department performs sanitary surveys, issues permits, reviews well water analysis, and coordinates with The Metropolitan District Commission on the extension of public drinking water service.

Waste Water Disposal

Many homes in town are serviced by an on-site subsurface sewage disposal system, more commonly known as a “septic system”. Our department conducts plan reviews for new and repaired systems, issues permits and conducts on-site inspections. We also investigate complaints of improper discharge and identify and monitor sources of pollution in our streams and waterways. The monitoring of the glycol cleanup at Bradley International Airport is an ongoing project.

Public Health Nuisances

The investigation of complaints plays a major role in the health and well being of the community. We initiate action and resolve over 300 complaints a year including property maintenance, refuse, sewage, housing and noise among others. The property maintenance ordinance is enforced solely by our department and covers such issues as overgrown grass, storage of debris and dilapidated structures.

Our current property maintenance inspector can receive complaints through See Click Fix , by email at health@townofwindsorct.comor by telephone at 860-285-1823.

Institutional Health & Safety

The Windsor Health Department is committed to keeping our public and private schools and recreational areas safe and healthy places for our children to learn and grow. With the cooperation of the Board of Education and Family and Leisure Services, we inspect all schools and recreational facilities including swimming pools, parks, and playgrounds. We also conduct inspections of day care centers, day camps, and migrant labor camps.

Emergency & Hazardous Situations

Hazardous material incidents although uncommon, can be very serious and sometimes life threatening. We work closely with the Windsor Fire Marshall; the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection and the Windsor Fire Department to investigate and assure that all incidents are addressed. We also support the Windsor Office of Emergency Management in shelter management, decontamination, and other disaster related activities. The closure and cleanup of the Knolls, ABB and Hamilton Standard sites are also continuously monitored.

Mosquito Control

Town owned recreational property is sprayed with Adulticide to kill flying mosquitoes, and treated with Larvacide to kill larvae throughout the summer months by a licensed contractor. We also offer advice to citizens experiencing mosquito-related complaints.

Environmental Assessment

We work closely with developers, engineers, and researchers on new and existing site development projects to ensure environmental compliance. The Health Department plays a major role in ensuring that our limited resources are developed wisely with minimum negative impact on the community and the environment.

Landfill Support

The Windsor Sanitary Landfill receives support from us with their long-term planning, and regulatory and environmental review.