Vial of Life

What is the VIAL OF LIFE?

The VIAL OF LIFE is a container that holds information about you that is important for medical personnel who responds when you are in need of emergency care. The holder contains your up to date medical information and your picture is placed in the smaller pocket on the back of the holder. The VIAL OF LIFE is recognized internationally.

Who should have the VIAL OF LIFE?

It would be good if every member in a household had a VIAL OF LIFE. But, if you live alone, are handicapped, or elderly, even if you are healthy, medication and medical history is important to emergency responders and the VIAL OF LIFE is a trusted way to communicate this information.

Why is this important?

By having a completed VIAL OF LIFE medical history form, vital information about you and the medications you are taking is available to the first responders and medical personnel if you go to the hospital. It is your responsibility to fill out the form and keep it updated. The more complete the information the better!

Where do you keep the VIAL OF LIFE?

The new VIAL OF LIFE is a plastic holder with a magnet on the back that should be placed on the outside of the refrigerator door.

How will the emergency responders know that you have a VIAL OF LIFE?

The emergency responders in the Town of Windsor have received information about the extended program including samples of the VIAL OF LIFE so they know what to look for. This is a program that was started in 2001 and has continued since.

Where can you pick up a VIAL OF LIFE?

The VIAL OF LIFE is available at:

The Windsor Health Department – Windsor Town Hall, 275 Broad Street
The Windsor Senior Center and Windsor Social Services Departments
Both located in the L.P.Wilson Community Center, 599 Matianuck Avenue

Who should I contact if I have questions about the VIAL OF LIFE program?

Contact the Public Health Nurse in the Windsor Health Department at 860 285-1824 or send an email to