Drive Wise

What is Drive Wise?

Drive Wise is the education and awareness piece of the town’s traffic calming program. This campaign was developed as a creative way to impact drivers’ behavior in slowing them down and encouraging them to use preferred routes. As you travel through various Windsor neighborhoods, you may see signs like the ones pictured below in front yards. These signs, along with data tracking, police enforcement, and road enhancements are designed to keep our neighborhoods as safe as possible.  

The campaign requires having a designated neighborhood coordinator. This coordinator handles the outreach to their neighbors in gathering permission to host these signs in their front yards. Citizens in several neighborhoods are working together with town staff to coordinate the distribution of these signs in concentrated areas where high traffic speed has been consistently noted. If you and your neighbors have noticed speeding problems in your neighborhood, you’re the people we’re looking for! During and after this time of when the signs are being displayed, the Windsor Police will assist in educating drivers that continue to speed in these areas.

The neighborhood lawn signs will “travel” so they can be shared with all Windsor neighborhoods throughout the year who are also interested in this educational campaign.

Steps for Becoming a Neighborhood Coordinator

  1. Contact the Town Manager’s Office (860-285-1800) to start the process
  2. Receive outreach materials (flyers, letters, and door-tags) to gather permission from neighbors to host Drive Wise signs in their yards.
  3. Once you receive permission from your neighbors, you may distribute the signs to those who choose to participate. The more neighbors that participate, the more effective the campaign will be! These signs will stay on display for 3 weeks.
  4. After the three week period, gather all of the signs from your neighborhood and return them to Town Hall.
  5. You’re done! We take care of the rest.

If you are interested in becoming a neighborhood coordinator and having your neighborhood participate in the Drive Wise Campaign, please contact the Town Manager’s Office at 860-285-1800.

DSD Signs: The town may also attempt to install its portable Digital Speed Display Signs (DSD signs) in your neighborhood while the Drive Wise campaign is running. This depends on the availability of the DSD signs, which may be in use in other parts of town.