The goal of this initiative is to have a positive impact on participants’ health and quality of life through encouraging them to engage in a range of educational, social, and leisure activities.

Programs will range from stress management, financial planning, and inter-generational pickleball events to seminars on healthy cooking, nutrition, walking/hiking clubs, contests and more. All programs are either free or have reduced costs for residents. Check them out below and start your journey to wellness.

Featured Programs

Sun Salutation: Outdoor Evening Yoga
Thursdays (May/Jun) | Tuesdays (July/August) | All Ages | Free

Often called “Salute to the Sun”, this outdoor yoga class is a series of postures that warm, strengthen, and align the entire body. Enjoy the outdoors as the Sun is setting with Sun Salutations!

Sound Meditation w/ Maria Del Carmen
Tuesdays | April – August | Ages 18+ | Free

Join us as we host seasoned Sound Practitioner, Maria del Carmen, for this Sound Meditation series. Participants will be lying down or seated while Maria immerses you in the sounds of singing bowls, buffalo drums, and much more.

Feeling Foodie: Finding Your Inner Chef
Monthly Program | April – August | Ages 10+ | $10.00

Meet local professional chefs, enjoy interactive cooking demonstrations, special cooking giveaways, and learn to recreate exceptional dishes at home! New class & theme each month.

Adult Beginner Bellydance
Mondays | April – August | Ages 18+ | Free

Immerse yourself in the captivating Egyptian rhythms and graceful movements passed down through generations, and let’s celebrate the diverse culture of belly dancing. Bellydance is a fun expressive dance form that involves movements of the hips and core. Bellydancing helps with balance, core strength, and confidence! Come enjoy this exciting class!

More Upcoming Programs:

Yoga for the New or Hesitant Yogi
January 11 – February 15 | Thursdays | 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM | Ages 16+
Frank is a certified Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. This class will demonstrate that Yoga doesn’t have to be intimidating, especially when you see photos of yogis with their heels behind their necks. Relax; this class caters to the new or hesitant yogi. The postures are simple, with blocks and straps available to make them easy to express. Simple but very nourishing. We believe Yoga is for everybody, not just the young and naturally flexible. Class includes breathwork, postures, correct alignment, relaxation, meditation, and yogic wisdom!
at the L.P. Wilson Community Center

Xtreme Step Hip Hop Dance Class
January 25 – February 29 | Thursdays | 7:15 PM to 8:15 PM | All Ages
The ultimate goal of Xtreme Hip-Hop® is to breathe life back into fitness and make it fun for all ages, cultures, genders, and fitness levels. We aim to help save lives by encouraging fitness and making it entertaining and not a chore! 
at the L.P. Wilson Community Center

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