Field Trip Programs at Northwest Park

Immerse your students in the natural world.

Northwest Park in Windsor, CT provides hands-on, experiential environmental education programming for students to develop a deeper appreciation of nature while building knowledge and skill in alignment with academic standards. Field trip programs take place at our 473-acre living classroom featuring native forests, fields, wetlands. We also offer traveling programs that can be brought to your school or community events.

Many of our programs can be adapted for any grade level, so if there is a particular program that you are interested in that is listed for a different grade level, please call to discuss options. Interested in another topic that you do not see listed? Reach out to our Education Coordinator. We are more than happy to customize a program to meet your needs.

K to 8th Grade & Scout Programming Guide

Scout Programs

With 473 acres of natural habitats and an animal ambassador collection of Reptiles, Amphibians, Arthropods and Heritage Breed Farm Animals, Northwest Park is the perfect site to host Scout programs. Our Scout programs can help achieve the requirements for specific Merit Badges or we are happy to work with you to customize a program to match your troop’s interests and advancement goals.

Scheduling a Field Trip Program

Field Trip programs must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance by contacting Theresa Nodine, Environmental Education Coordinator at 860-285-1886 or by email

There is no more stimulating setting than the ‘outdoor classroom’. This classroom is equipped with expandable walls that extend as far as the learner’s legs want to carry him, and a floor that varies from locale to locale – sometimes rocks, or water, sometimes forest floor. Its ceiling, too, is varied with ever-changing cloud shapes, or a night with a myriad of star patterns waiting to be explored. No schoolroom ever had the books or maps or charts to rival the vividness of the real world.

Lord Chesterfield

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