2024 Neighborhood Assistance Act Proposals Welcome

Helping Build a Better Town

The Town of Windsor Office of Community Development is soliciting program proposals from community non-profit organizations and municipal agencies, for funding consideration, under the Neighborhood Assistance Act (NAA) program. Applications are due by the close of business on May 22nd.

About the Program

The Connecticut Neighborhood Assistance Act (NAA) is a State Tax Credit Program designed to provide funding for municipal and tax exempt organizations by providing a corporation business tax credit for businesses who make cash contributions to these entities.

The types of community programs that may qualify for the NAA tax credit program include, but are not necessarily limited to: energy conservation, employment and training, child care services, neighborhood assistance, substance abuse, open space acquisition, crime prevention programs and affordable housing development.

Businesses can receive a credit of 60% of their approved contribution to certain programs (or 100% in the case of certain energy conservation programs) approved by the Department of Revenue Services. 

Any program receiving $25,000 or more in NAA funding is required to provide a post-project audit prepared by a certified public accounting firm, to the Town of Windsor NAA program liaison. For more details on the Post-Project Audit requirements please click here.

The program has several statutory limits, including the following:

  • A business is limited to receiving $150,000 in tax credit annually.
  • A non-profit organization is limited to receiving an aggregate of $150,000 of funding for any program or programs for any fiscal year.
  • The minimum contribution on which credit can be granted is $250.
  • The program has a five million dollar cap, which, if exceeded, results in proration of approved donations.

For further information please refer to the Neighborhood Assistance Act Tax Credit Program on the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services website as the town’s role is primarily administrative.

Application Process

Step 1

Civic Organization Application (sent to Municipality)

  • Applications can be submitted either in paper or via email and are due by the close of Business on May 22nd. Paper applications should be delivered directly to the Community Development Office at Town Hall. Email applications must be sent to reydecastro@townofwindsorct.com. Please call 860-285-1985 to ensure your application has been received.
  • After a Public hearing to be held in May, Town Council will review and approve applications. The Community Development Office will submit the applications to the CT Department of Revenue Services (by July 1st).
  • The Department of Revenue Services will post on their website the list of approved applicants for companies to review as potential community programs to make a contribution towards.

Applicant Organizations are welcomed to reach out to companies to let them know they will be submitting an application that companies can sponsor and encourage them to submit Form NAA-02 when it becomes available on CT Department of Revenue Services website between September 15th and October 1st.

Step 2

Sponsor Company Application (sent to CT Department of Revenue Services)

  • Companies wishing to sponsor a community program will have to fill out and electronically submit Forms NAA-02 through the DRS website for each program it wishes to sponsor between September 15th and October 1st. No earlier and no later.
  • Later in the fall, CT Department of Revenue Services will notify municipalities of the applications that received company sponsors. At that point, municipalities are asked to notify the organizations directly.

If companies would like to learn more about the Neighborhood Assistance Act, they should visit the CT Department of Revenue Services’ website.