We strongly encourage everyone to wear a mask when they are in a public setting.
As of Monday, December 27th, face coverings are now required for all individuals in all town facilities regardless of vaccination status.

Helping Build a Better Town

Tax Credits Available for Businesses that Invest in Windsor Community Programs

The Town of Windsor has received approval for three community programs through the Neighborhood Assistance Act Program, which allows businesses to receive a tax credit for cash investments in qualifying programs conducted by tax-exempt or municipal agencies.
Business entities authorized to do business in Connecticut and subject to certain taxes may contribute to the following programs to receive a tax credit as follows:
Connecticut Radio Information System:
Receive a 60% tax credit on donations between $250 and $30,000 to support audio accessibility for people who are blind or print challenged (read more).

St. Gabriel School:
Receive a 100% tax credit on donations between $250 and $108,922 to support energy conservation efforts (read more).

Windsor Police Cadets:
Receive a 60% tax credit on donations between $250 and $8,000 to sponsor the 2021 program (read more).
To request a tax credit for contributions to one or more of these programs, simply complete the one-page online form (NAA-02). This form is available from September 15 until October 1, 2021.
For more information on these community programs, visit the links provided with each program description, or contact the Community Development Department at (860) 285-1985 or communitydevelopment@townofwindsorct.com.