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About Windsor

Windsor provides lots of opportunity for both it's residents and the businesses who call it home.
Windsor, an important regional employment center in New England’s Knowledge Corridor, is strategically located between Hartford, CT and Springfield, MA on Interstate I-91 and adjoining Bradley International Airport.  Key industries include financial services, precision manufacturing, regional distribution, data management and hospitality. With a jobs base of 25,000, Windsor ranks fifth among Hartford area communities in total non-retail employment.  Major, private employers include Hartford Life, VOYA, GE Power, Eversource, Konica Minolta, CIGNA, Walgreens, Permasteelisa and SS&C. WINDSOR DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITY Between 2006 and 2016, Windsor experienced substantial growth.  Some six million square feet of new commercial space was constructed during this period, including 110,000 SF of retail, one million SF office, 4.6 million SF industrial/distribution, and 240,000 SF public and quasi-public space. Among the most significant projects during this period were:
  • ING (now VOYA), a 475,000 SF office center to house its largest employee base in North America.  This $90 million facility was completed in 2007 and employs approximately 1,800 persons.
  • Emhart Glass, a 60,000 SF research center including a 40-metric ton glass furnace for development of container fabrication technologies and equipment.  This $20 million research center opened in 2008 and employs 60 engineers and scientists.
  • Hartford Life, a 450,000 SF office center to consolidate existing operations and to provide space for planned growth.  This $110 million facility opened in 2008 and employs over 2,000 persons.
  • Walgreens, an 800,000 SF high-tech distribution center serving drugstores in an eight-state region.  This $250 million facility was placed in operation in 2009 and employs some 700 persons.
  • Dollar Tree, a 1,000,000 SF distribution facility to serve retail stores in the US and Canada.  This $70 million facility was placed in operation in 2013 and employs approximately 400 persons.
  •, a 1.5 million SF fulfillment center for the leading online retailer.  This $100 million facility was completed in the second quarter of 2015 and employs 1600 persons.
WINDSOR EMPLOYMENT 2007 – 2017 Between 2007 and 2017, the number of jobs in Windsor increased by 27.4% from 20,397 to 25,980. The most significant changes came in the Professional, Scientific and Management sector, the Transportation and Warehousing sector and the Administrative and Waste Management Sector.  The Professional sector saw increased employment by 159.8% from 1,376 jobs in 2007 to 3,573 jobs in 2017.  The Transportation and Warehousing sector increased employment by 403.1% from 714 jobs in 2007 to 3,591 jobs in 2017.  The Administrative and Waste Management sector increased employment by 68.5% from 1,322 jobs in 2007 to 2,228 jobs in 2017. This increased these sectors’ portions of the local workforce from 6.7%, 3.5% and 6.5% respectively in 2007 to 13.8%, 13.8% and 8.6% in 2017. Average annual wages in Windsor have increased by 10.9% between 2007 and 2017 from $63,177 to $70,034.  By comparison, over the same period, annual wages in Connecticut rose from $58,019 to $66,648. Source:  CT Department of Labor, Covered Employment & Wages by Industry (2007 and 2017 QCEW Program Data) Top Ten Private Sector Employers
Hartford Life Financial Services 2,700
VOYA (formerly ING) Insurance and Financial Services 1,720 E-Commerce Fulfillment Center 1,600
CIGNA Insurance (Data Center / IT Support) 1,100
GE Power Power Plant Engineering and Service 800
Walgreens Distribution Center for Retail Drug Stores 710
Eversource Multi-state Electric and Gas Provider 600
Konica Minolta Business Equipment Sales and Support 600
SS&C Technologies Financial Industry Software 500
Belcan Engineering Services Engineering 450
  FUTURE FOCUS Looking forward, the Town of Windsor is taking steps to sustain its growth and the quality of its development.   A variety of initiatives are underway to further improve highway access, manage transportation demand and enhance community livability. Detail plan approval has been granted to a 600-acre mixed-use project, Great Pond Village, in the Day Hill Road Corporate Area.  This project will add value to existing space and provide opportunities for new workforce housing. The Redevelopment Agency is pursuing redevelopment of key properties to support and benefit from commuter rail service expansion in Windsor Center.  The CT DOT has initiated a project for enhanced commuter rail service through Windsor by the spring of 2018.