Are Any Other Approvals Required?

Temporary food service establishments may require the approval of the town Risk Manager (Marty Maynard, 860 285-1851, if they are held on town property.

The Fire Marshal (Bob Bolasevich, 860 285-1972, must approve any tents or canopies covering food preparation or service areas containing or having adjacent cooking appliances, portable generators or other source of heat or flame.

The Building Official (Bob Ruzzo, 860 285-1962, must approve any temporary wiring, plumbing, or tents or canopies designed to accommodate 100 or more people.

Regular food service establishments must comply with applicable fire safety and building codes; and, may require zoning approval as a special use. For information about Special Uses, contact the Town Planner (Eric Barz, 860 285-1981, ).