Do I Need A Food Permit

Permits are required when food or beverages are served to the public.

No permit is required for a private function. Section 19-13-B42(s) (1) of the Public Health Code states:

  • “No person, firm or corporation shall operate or maintain any place where food or beverages are served to the public within any town, city or borough, without a local permit or license, or otherwise without registration of the name and business address with the local director of health of the town, city or borough in which the business is conducted, if such permit or license is required by local ordinance. Permits for temporary food service establishments shall be issued for a period of time not to exceed fourteen (14) days.”

Section 7-3 of the Windsor Code of Ordinances requires a food permit to operate a food service establishment.

For the purposes of this policy, “Public” does not refer to private parties or gatherings where the participants provide and/or share their own food and beverages without charge, and which are not promoted or advertised to the public.

If the food or beverages at a private function, whether prepared on site or elsewhere, are provided by a third party, then that person must be licensed and comply with the requirements of CPHC Section 19-13-B42 for food service establishments, or B48 or B49 relating to itinerant vendors or caterers.