How is lead poisoning treated?

The best approach is prevention!  However, if a child is determined to have lead poisoning and the level is high, medication will be used to reduce the amount of lead in the body.  The medication may be administered by mouth or by injection depending on the blood lead level and how the child responds to the medicine.
It is important to finish all of the medication to reduce the blood lead level.  Chelation medicines draw the lead out of the body through the kidneys and into the urine or pee.  It is important for persons who are taking chelation medication to drink plenty of liquids to help get rid of the lead.

See this link for more information about Lead Poisoning and Chelation Therapy.  It includes Treatment and Prevention, Tips for Giving Medication, Side Effects of the Medication, Signs of an Allergic Reaction, Good Nutrition, Iron Supplements and Follow-up Care.