What has been done?

Over the past few weeks, there has been an effort to remove all of the foam visibly floating on the surface of the river. Water samples were taken from several points on the river on June 9th, 11th and June 21st in an attempt to see how the chemicals are diffusing. Results from the first two sets of samples show a significant reduction in presence of PFAS chemicals.  Results from the June 21st samples are not yet available.  The engineering firm retained by Signature Flight is now working alongside DEEP to develop a longer term monitoring and testing plan. As of June 28th, information is not yet available for the DEEP to conclude whether or not remediation will be necessary on any part of the river.

The Connecticut Airport Authority has also taken a variety of steps in the past weeks ranging from evaluating all of their facilities that have foam fire suppression systems to putting in place temporary prevention measures to limit any future discharges of foam agents containing PFAS chemicals into drainage systems.