What is a food service establishment?

“Food Service Establishment”

means any place where food is prepared and intended for individual portion service and includes the site at which individual portions are provided. The term includes any such place regardless of whether consumption is on or off the premises and regardless of whether there is a charge for the food. The term does not include a kitchen in a private home where food is prepared or served and not offered for sale, or a bed-and-breakfast operation that prepares and offers food to the guests if such operation is owner occupied and has the total building occupant load of not more than 16 persons including the owner and occupants, and has no provisions for cooking or warming food in the guest rooms, and breakfast is the only meal offered, and placards are posted at the registration area which read “this establishment is exempt from section 19-13-B42 of the regulations of the public health code.” (CPHC Section 19-13-B42 (a) (7))

“Temporary Food Service Establishment”

means a food service establishment that operates at a fixed location for a temporary period of time, not to exceed two (2) weeks, in connection with a carnival, circus, public exhibition, festival, celebration, or similar transitory gathering. (CPHC Section 19-13-B42 (a) (14))