When Connecticut moves from the CT Food Code to the FDA Food Code will the requirements for a “Qualified Food Operator” change?

Under the FDA Food Code Regulations, a certified food protection manager (formerly known as qualified food operator) will be required in all risk category 2, 3, and 4 establishments. This person shall pass a test recognized by the Conference of Food Protection, and their certification shall be verified at the time of the inspection (the certificate must be valid and not expired).  The following 5 testing organizations are approved by the Conference for Food protection:

  1. 360 Training http://.learn2serve.com food-manager-certification/Customer Support (877)  881-2235
  2. Above Training/StateFoodSafety.com http://statefoodsafety.com Customer Support (801) 494-1416
  3. Environmental health Testing (National Registry of Food Safety Professionals) http://www.nrfsp.com Customer Service (800) 446-0257
  4. Prometric, Inc. http://www.prometric.com Customer Support(877) 725-3708
  5. National Restaurant Association http://www.servsafe.com Customer support  (800) 765-2122